Fishing: the 27 want to put pressure on London

Is Europe going to reduce its electricity supplies across the Channel? The Agriculture and Fisheries ministers of the 27 meet on Monday, October 11, to discuss retaliatory measures to put pressure on London, because of its fishing quotas.

The Anglo-Norman waters are still as turbulent as ever, while the ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Member States of the European Union are due to meet on Monday, October 11. Since the post-Brexit agreement, French fishermen can no longer work in certain British areas without a license. To obtain it, they must prove that they were already fishing there in 2012 and 2016. Problem, London and Jersey have restricted their allocation, distributing 200 definitive licenses, while Paris is still claiming 244. For its part, the United Kingdom ensures that many French boats have already received the precious sesame.

Norman ships are therefore blocked at the gates of these fishing areas, but after several days of tussle with London, Paris has decided to bang its fist on the table. France is now threatening to reduce its electricity deliveries to the island of Jersey. Prime Minister Jean Castex does not rule out other sanctions. “We will question all the conditions for the more comprehensive implementation of the agreements concluded under the aegis of the European Union, but also, if necessary, the bilateral cooperation that we have with the United Kingdom in many areas”, declared the head of government to the National Assembly.

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