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Fishing Spain advances its commitment to sustainability with the UN Global Compact


Pesca España, the association founded by some of Spain’s main fish producers, has joined the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative to promote a fair, equitable and more sustainable global economy and to work with other actors to achieve sustainable development.

Antonio Nieto, Manager of Pesca España, Cristina Sánchez and Marta Tomás, Executive Director and Director of Corporate Development of the UN Global Compact in Spain, wanted to make the accession official in a meeting where ideas, challenges and commitments were exchanged to align strategies and Operations in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Ten Universal Principles on human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

In addition, it marks the beginning of a close collaboration to implement joint initiatives with regard to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Antonio Nieto, Managing Director of Pesca España, stated: “We at Pesca España are very proud to be part of the UN Global Compact as we adhere to the objectives and values ​​of this initiative, which will certainly “It will reflect the responsible work and sustainable fishing practices of ours “Highlight the sector.”

Another step in the commitment to sustainability

Respect for the environment, care and respect for marine biodiversity are among the founding principles of Pesca España, whose aim is to promote seafood as “sustainability, tradition and happiness”. With accession, this commitment has been strengthened and measures will continue to be taken to protect the Spanish fishing industry.

“The future of fishing lies in knowing how to respond to the challenge of being more sustainable, efficient and, if possible, more respectful of the seas and oceans. This need requires proactive action to address these realities. We must move towards a sustainable and responsible future in which the oceans continue to be a source of life and nutrition for future generations,” concludes Nieto.

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