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Fiserv seeks to reach more financial entities

Fiserv busca llegar a más entidades financieras

Fiserv Caribe is a multifaceted brand that is present in banking in the Dominican Republic, where it has been present for nearly 20 years in technological services for payment processing and other instruments such as ALM, against money laundering, as well as remains open to reach different entities of the Dominican financial system, regardless of their size.

René Salazar, executive of Fiserv Caribe, head of Banking Solutions, said in an interview for Listín Diario, that the company constantly updates its cybersecurity system and also has central areas that protect and receive information throughout the market.

Fiserv clients in the country are Banco Popular Dominicano, with the AZUL platform; the Banco de Reservas and the Popular Association of Savings and Loans (APAP), said the executive of the brand that is present in more than 100 countries, through an interview by Zoom.

ALM (Anti-Money Laudering) systems work as an effective tool to detect, mitigate and reduce money laundering.


“Although we live in a fully integrated, hyperconnected world, we have central areas that receive information about everything that is happening around the world and apply the technology centrally, then distribute and apply it locally,” said the Fiserv executive. .

In this regard, Salazar explained that the company has groups that are continually updating themselves and teams of developers around the planet that are continuously connected, observing what they are exposed to on a day-to-day basis.

He argued that developers always seek to share best practices to ensure that technology, protection and security are applied to the latest technological advances to then deliver updated solutions to customers.

Fiserv offers different solutions such as bank call, digital solutions, digital wallet, credit or payment cards, money laundering prevention and others that its clients use depending on their needs, since they have “a very broad portfolio”.

Each one of the institutions select from the different providers and what we allow is the interoperability of different solutions with the ecosystem in general in the market, he explained.


“We are open to working with different types, sizes of financial institutions… we have conversations with different players in the financial sector in the Dominican Republic, taking our solutions to all the different segments, depending on the needs of each one of them,” he said.

They are a provider of solutions or services, because if a financial institution requires a solution to internally process all bank accounts, whether deposit, savings, term, or investment, they can use the bank call.

Other institutions that want to put credit cards on the market are provided with the processing service. In the case of transportation systems or tourism activities, “we are behind the payment button, as in e-commerce sales, because the information travels encrypted to reach the banks or Visa or Mastercard,” said Salazar.


financial technology

Fiserv is a leading global payment processing and financial technology company, helping to simplify commerce for consumers, businesses, financial and educational institutions and governments in more than 100 countries easily, quickly and securely.

With 35 years of leadership in financial technology, it is the leading account processor in the US and the leading issuer processor globally.

The company has extensive experience helping global organizations with technology for financial services, banking solutions, payments, cybersecurity, operations and controls. With its solutions, it is transforming global commerce by offering comprehensive and omnichannel services to grow your business.

According to explanations of the brand, around the world they have helped more than 10,000 financial institutions to create and offer experiences in a digital world that is always in constant movement. With these solutions, consumers can move and manage their money with ease, speed and convenience in today’s world, he says.



It was recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of the most admired companies in the world.

In addition, it is a member of the S&P 500® Index and the FORTUNE® 500.

In early 2019, the company acquired First Data to reinforce its leadership in the financial services industry and establish itself as the world’s leading payment and financial technology provider.

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