First win at home for a plethoric Granada

Granada is not willing to stop the party. If his debut in the ACB at home against Manresa evaporated by millimeters, he did not let the opportunity slip away in the second match and scored a well-deserved, comfortable and destructive win against Bilbao Basket, which he equals with 3-1. Hand in hand with Felicio, Refroe and Maye, he showed that repertoire that he already exhibited in LEB, with a determined game, more physical than the enemy, dynamic, cheerful and with a lot of scoring flow. He missed a point for the hundred. Ponsarnau’s pupils punctured the balloon of euphoria inflated in ACB and Europe. First stumble of the course and reality check. In addition, Radicevic fell injured, in his right foot, and he does not look good. Initially he hit his ankle and wanted to continue, and later he hurt his Achilles tendon; that left the team shrunken before a Covirán that bites through every inch of parquet in his fiefdom, without a soul to try to recompose himself. The ability to fight with such bad luck has a limit. Key players were missing, you can see the trot these days due to the concentration of matches, including one in Prague. Hakanson for heart, Anderson for certain flashes and Withey in stellar plan are saved from an exercise in impotence, in which the poor defense and the weak percentage in the long shot were a condemnation against a team that comes from the second category and that means Lots of enthusiasm.

The first part was already clearly Nasrid, with a strangely hesitant Bilbao Basket. The locals lavished counterattacks with the new norm after receiving a basket and taking out fast from the bottom. Felicio, dominating in the paint, was putting the bow to the clash with a 24-17 at 2:40 to finish the first act. Alonso got off on the wrong foot and was the protagonist in many silly plays that punctuated chaotic moments, chained shots that did not touch the rim or absurd losses.

Ponsarnau’s pupils doubted whether or not to go to certain actions and only Withey seemed to move with certainty. Granada took advantage of the defensive problems of the Basques to drill the hoop with triples. On every reversal, the ball went into a corner, and on that weak side no one was hitting shots. A 10-16 in baskets from the arc. The Surne completed the worst quarter of this season start. Costa hit a basket from a distance taking advantage of the fact that his pair went from behind a block and the difference went to ten: 32-22 in the second minute of the second quarter.

There was more desire on the part of the newly promoted. The second unit of the Surne lowered the piston. Tomàs hit an acrobatic basket that was a 3+1, after Rabaseda arrived late: 39-27. The invitation to the launch was thanked again by Costa to set the maximum ceiling: 42-38 (-5:59). A technical fell to Hakanson for exaggerating a contact in a block, as his team had previously been warned. The referees interfered every time Bilbao made an effort to reduce the difference. A sprint in the 19 seconds at the end of the first half allowed Kyser to score a 3-pointer and Smith to make up the score at 53-48.


Coviran Granada (27+26+27+19): Renfroe (14), Bropleh (7), Ali (10), Maye (14), Felicio (17) -starting five- Niang (4), Christian
Díaz (8), Costa (11), Tomás (11), Iriarte (0), Jacobo Díaz (0) and Vilá (3).

Surne Bilbao Basket (20 + 28 + 18 + 18): Smith (10), Hakanson (14), Andersson (10), Rabaseda (10), Withey (21) -starting five- Radicevic
(4), Reyes (0), Alonso (3), Sulejmanovic (1) and Kyser (10).

Referees: Francisco José Araña, Luis Miguel Castillo and Andrés Fernándes. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fourth day of the Endesa League played at the Palacio de los Deportes de Granada before 6,497

The second half was matching the starting forces, but it was a mirage. In fact, Withey continued to do his thing and equalized under the rim after a doubled pass: 56 at 15:21 to finish and Smith put the Bilbao team ahead after a 0-10. The most difficult thing was done, but they failed in the auction. Radicevic missed a light bulb and broke. That broke the soul of the whole team. Immediately afterwards he scored three Renfroe. Smith sinned of anxiety. The overwhelming local response took the matter from a 63-61 to a clear 78-63, hand in hand with the desire and impudence of Granada. And the distance fattened up to +20. Nasrid gale. The people of Bilbao do not have much room left to lick their wounds. On Tuesday they debut at home in the Champions League, against the dangerous Bahcesehir, in a duel belonging to the Basketball Champions League.

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Pin: “We had a great game and the team’s work was excellent”

Pablo Pin said that his team had “a great match” and highlighted that their work was “excellent”. “In the first half we played at a very good level in attack, but there was room for improvement in defense, with some situations of lack of aggressiveness and toughness”, explained the coach at a press conference.

The coach added that after the break they were “more aggressive”, controlled “the rebound” and raised “the physical level” behind. “We have played a great game and the team work has been excellent. I am super happy to see how we play as a team, that there is no selfishness. And happy to see how people have had fun with us, seeing the chemistry between the team and Palacio”, concluded Pin.

Pin made it clear that “it is very difficult to beat a team with good dynamics”, like Surne Bilbao Basket that was undefeated in the Endesa League, and that it is a victory that strengthens them. Regarding his team’s great start to the season, with three victories in four days, he asked “to leave people the freedom to get their hopes up”, despite the fact that “there is still a lot to play for” and they have to be clear that “they are going to come bad times.”

“You have to be together and prepared. If we make a mistake and do not continue working as before, we would be fools. There is no reason to believe ourselves more than anyone else and change the way we see things. I like my team to excite, but they are not going to get me out of the way, ”she exposed. Bad times will come to us and that’s when we have to stay together. Our greatest strength is that we are a team and when we have bad times it is easier to go through them as a team”, concluded the Covirán Granada coach.

Ponsarnau: “It’s time to learn, it’s proof that we still have a long way to go”

Jaume Ponsarnau, said after the defeat that it is their turn to “learn” and that this Saturday’s setback is “proof” that they lack “a lot” despite their good balance of three wins in four days at the start of the Endesa League . “Covirán Granada played a very complete game, with a lot of pride, energy and strength. We haven’t started so badly, but the errors in the defensive balance have begun to condition the game”, he commented in the press room.

The coach of the Bilbao team acknowledged that they only had the initiative “at the beginning of the third quarter” and that they stopped with the ankle injury of the Serbian point guard Radicevic “because he was the player who had found the rhythm of the match”. He explained that they lacked “fluency and clairvoyance” and that without Radicevic they lost “cohesion”, in addition to acknowledging that he himself was not successful in “some adjustment” that he wanted to make. “It’s time to learn, it’s proof that we still have a long way to go and that we have to face better away games against teams that put so much heart into it”, he added.

Regarding the great start to the season of a recently promoted player like Covirán Granada, he explained that he is not surprised and highlighted the Andalusians’ “decisions they made after promotion.”

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