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First signing in Oviedo after losing Manu Vallejo

As much as Roberto Suárez tried on all sides to hold on to the Chiclanero attacker, he returned to Girona and then returned to the second tier again, but this time to sign for Real Zaragoza.

Andalusian midfielder Manu Vallejo’s performance in the Real OviedoHe left the coach with great expectations Alvaro Cervera. On the day the 2022/23 season ended, the Equatorial Guinea coach did not hesitate to go to the offices of Roberto Suárez (Sporting Director) and ask again for the transfer or, failing that, for the signing of the Chiclanero forward.

Although the sports management of Oviedo tried on all sides, Girona began to hinder the effort. Ultimately, Vallejo joined Real Zaragoza on loan and was loaned out until June 30, 2024. For this reason, the Carbayón club is already analyzing the market, since the need to reinforce offensive plans is still latent.

Oviedo Manu Vallejo
Real Oviedo would once again have a striker with a past at Valencia CF and this time it would be Marcos André.

Oviedo is scouring the prime market for Manu Vallejo’s replacement

The threshold set by the former Valencia CF attacker has led the Oviedo team to see the first division market and it is in the Mestalla that they have achieved the ideal alternative. SIt’s about the Brazilian Marcos André, who can be found in Rubén Baraja’s discard folder. Tired of not receiving offers from LaLiga EA Sports, his representative began to see other scenarios, including LaLiga Hypermotion.

The Carioca forward has long considered the possibility of playing in the silver category, since there are no opportunities in the first position. Add to that the fact that he has exclusion status in the Valencia squad, where Pipo doesn’t even have him on his reserve list. So Oviedo is a perfect escape route for the former Real Valladolid.

Follow in the footsteps of Manu Vallejo in Oviedo

Once again, the Asturias side will have a striker with a Valencia past, but this time it’s Marcos André who will follow that path. While the South American doesn’t want to be relegated in a category, it’s the best he can do given the disastrous numbers that have dogged him since entering the black-and-white discipline.

Last season he played just 541 minutes for the Che side, led by Gennaro Gattuso, Voro and Rubén Baraja. It should be noted that he had no injuries, but the reason for his exclusion was a purely technical decision. The carioca knows that if he stays at the Mestalla this season, he will suffer the same fate, if not worse. So the best option will be to follow in Manu Vallejo’s footsteps at Real Oviedo.

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