First RFEF Group 2: results, matches and classification of day 8

Matches and results of Group 2 Primera RFEF

Barcelona Athletic 1 – Sabadell 4

Barcelona Athletic: Arnau Tenas; Núñez, Chadi Riad (Zalaya, 46′), Pelayo, Román Vega (Álex Valle, 60′); Casadó, Txus Alba, Aleix Garrido (Álvaro Sanz, 60′); Luismi Cruz (Ilias Akhomach, 60′), Víctor Barberà, Juanda (Roberto, 80′).

Sabadell: Sergio Puig; Marc Vargas (Adán Gurdiel, 46′), Pelayo Suárez, Morgado, Eudald; Altimira (Armando, 75′), Álex Sala; Alberto, Astals (Juan Delgado, 76′), Moha Keita (Piñol, 63′); Pau Victor (Alex Gualda, 75′).

goals: 1-0 (4 ‘): Víctor Barberà. 1-1 (26 ‘): Alberto. 1-2 (45 ′): Moha Keita, from a penalty. 1-3 (48 ′): Pau Victor. 1-4 (93 ‘): Juan Delgado.

Referee: Muñiz Muñoz (Aragonese school). He admonished the locals Txus Alba and Arnau Tenas and the visitor Pau Víctor.

Incidents: Johan Cruyff. Some 1,400 spectators, including more than 300 Sabadell supporters.

The fragility in defense is marking the week of Barça, also in the subsidiary. First defeat at the Johan Cruyff for Barcelona Atlètic, beaten by Sabadell effective on the counterattack. With the novelties of the Argentinian Román Vega and a young striker like Víctor Barberà, a sensation in the youth culé, Rafa Márquez’s men received Sabadell in the Catalan derby of the day and the new Blaugrana striker did not take four minutes to open the can defining after a great filtered pass. But Sabadell reacted and after some warning, Alberto nailed a shot from 25 meters by the same squad. Nerves took over Rafa Márquez’s box and a Moha counter ended in a clear demolition of Arnau Tenas, a penalty that the harlequin striker himself converted. And as soon as the match resumed, Eudald’s counterattack defined Pau Víctor with class, making it 1-3. Barça Atlètic did not give up, with chances for Ilias Akhomach and Víctor Barberà, but what ended up coming was the fourth for the Vallesans, already above ninety in a counterattack that crushed a rag defence.

Alcoyano 0 – Castellon 1

CD Alcoyano: Banuz; Lillo (Armental, 87′), Primi, Raúl, Juanan, Fran Varela (Pedro, 87′), Carbonell (Moyita, 43′), Fran Miranda, Alcaina, Rubio (Raúl GR, 65′), Agüero (Soler, 65 ′).

CD Castellon: Alfonso Pastor; Manu Sánchez, Cristian, Óscar Gil, Iago Indias, Salva Ruiz, Kochorashvili (Koné, 63′), Calavera, Fabricio, Dani Romera (Antón, 80′), Raúl Sánchez (Cubillas, 80′).

Goal: 0-1 (85′): Kone.

Referee: Bestard Servera (Balearic committee). Yellow cards to Primi, Raúl, Fran Miranda (2A, 56′), Lillo, Varela; Dani Romera, Oscar Gil, Kochorashvili. Red card to Moyita (90´).

Incidents: The Collao. 2,000 spectators.

CD Castellón won at El Collao and passed their pending task, that of winning away from home. A victory of weight and prestige that allows the albinegro team to sleep as leader. Torrecilla’s men completed a very serious game, they resisted against a strong and tenacious Alcoyano and waited for their moment in the final stretch when they were outnumbered and with the entry of Antón who revolutionized the game. The young Catalan winger signed a spectacular move to gift the goal to Koné, who had also come out in the second half.

Real Sociedad B 2 – Nastic de Tarragona 0

Royal Society B: Marrero; Gorrotxategi, Arambarri, Cantero, Gomez; Gabilondo, Teijeira (Iker Kortajarena, 57′), Marin (Balda, 82′); Magunazelaia, Martón (Azkune, 82′), Aguirre (Ezkurdia, 68′).

Nastic of Tarragona: Manu Garcia; Tirlea (Pol Domingo, 46′), Josema, Trilles (Bonilla, 61′), Joan Oriol; Montalvo; Marc Álvarez (Escudero, 72′), Aarón Rey (Lupu, 69′), Pedro, Pablo Fernández (Bonilla, 69′); William.

goals: 1-0 (4′): Magunazelaia. 2-0 (75 ‘): Gabilondo.

Referee: Irurtzun Artola (Navarre school). He admonished local Martón and visitors Tirlea and Pol Domingo.

Incidents: Field 7 of Zubieta. About 550 spectators.

Sanse is strong in its field 7 of Zubieta thanks to a solid victory against a Nàstic from Tarragona that never gave up and showed quality in Guipuzcoan lands. The foals were fortunate to go ahead on their first arrival, with a new target from the enraged Magunazelaia, although Nàstic always stood up with arrivals and chances such as a dangerous shot from Montalvo. The game was very entertaining and balanced, with both teams giving their all in an exchange of blows and opportunities that amused the stands. Midway through the second period, Sergio Francisco’s locals pressed the accelerator and Gabilondo put down the sentence, although Nàstic tried everything but even the post played against them.

Intercity 2 – Osasuna B 1

intercity: Manu Herrera; Vadik Murria, Kecojevic (Rafa Gálvez, 21′), Álvaro Pérez (Undabarrena, 46′), Emilio Nsue (Soldevila, 71′), Ferroni, Bellotti, Miguel Marí, Cristian Herrera (Guillem Jaime, 46′), Xemi Fernández and Etxaniz (Pol Roigé, 81′).

Osasuna B: Darius; Diego M. (Eneko, 81′), Herrando, Ander Dufur, Iker Muñoz, Barbero, Xabi H. (Azcona, 81′), Llinares (Adama, 71′), Moreno (Jony, 62′), Ander Toldi and Mutilva (Pau Martinez, 46 ‘).

goals: 1-0 (44 ‘): Vadik Murray. 2-0 (59 ‘): Vadik Murray. 2-1 (80 ′): Shoeing.

Referee: Calderiña Pavón, from the Catalan school. He admonished the locals Xemi Fernández, Álvaro Pérez, Kecojevic and Rafa Gálvez; and the visitor Iker Muñoz. Red to Miguel Mari (38 ‘).

Incidents: Antonio Solano. About 600 spectators.

Intercity did not fail in their feud, despite playing with one man less for many minutes. Vadik Murray, with two goals, was the great protagonist of the premises. He scored the first on the stroke of half-time, and the second early in the second half. The Navarrese, in superiority, hardly did damage in attack. Herrando gave them some life, but the score did not change.

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Eldense 3 – SD Logrones 1

eldense: Vallejo; Toni Abad (Pajarero, 84′), Álex Martínez, Pardo, Cris Montes (Clemente, 56′), Ortuño, Mario Soberón (Fran Hernández, 84′), Carnicer (Luque Jr., 73′), Núñez (Forte, 83 ′), Diego González and Juanto.

SD Logrones: Jero; Monroy, Paredes (Manny, 73′), Caneda, Sarriegi (Emilio, 84′), Samanes (Thierno, 73′), Diego, Monreal, Borja Martínez, Silvente (Unzueta, 56′) and Fran Sota (Madrazo, 56′). ).

goals: 0-1 (33 ′): Samanes. 1-1 (45′+): Álex Martínez, from a penalty. 2-1 (59 ′): Juanto. 3-1 (60 ′): Soberón.

Referee: Pérez Hernández, from the Madrid school. He admonished the local Cris Montes; and visitors Julen Monreal, Samanes and Paredes.

Incidents: New Pepico Amat. About 2,000 spectators.

The Eldense leader does not forgive, even playing less well than in past appointments. Those of Estévez signed their sixth successive victory after coming back again. The azulgranas did not complete a good first half, as they were thick in the face of their opponent’s good defensive positioning. In addition, SD Logroñés went ahead on the scoreboard after a perfect serve from Monroy to Samanés. In the last minute of extension of the first act, the referee signaled a maximum penalty that Álex Martínez transformed into an equal one. The goal spurred the locals who in the second period sentenced the duel in one minute, first with a perfect header from the enraged Juanto and then with a right foot from Mario Soberón. From then on, the clash had only one owner: the leader who gave up another opportunity to increase his account. Deportivo Eldense is in a very good dynamic and its fans rewarded it with a standing ovation when the braid whistled the end.

Amorebieta 3 – Bilbao Athletic 0

amorebieta: Magunagoitia; Jorge Mier, Murua, Pradera (Izeta, 55′), J. Rodríguez, Yriarte, Sibo, Rayco (Seguín, 70′), Jauregi (Cantón, 88′), Toni Herrero (Albisua, 88′) and Dorrio (Buján, 70′).

Bilbao Athletic: Padilla; Rincón, Eguiluz, Mendibe, Unai Gómez (De Jesús, 74′), Naveira (Rego, 62′), Gere, Goti (Guruzeta, 62′), Luis Bilbao (Ewan, 74′), Adu Ares and Pascual (Cabo, 62′).

goals: 1-0 (56 ′): Jauregi, from a penalty. 2-0 (70 ‘): Jauregi. 3-0 (87 ‘): Izeta.

Referee: Ruiz Álvarez, from the Asturian school. He booked the locals Jauregi, Dorrio and Toni Herrero; and the visitor Luis Bilbao. Red to Mendibe (80 ‘).

Incidents: Urritxe. About 1,200 spectators.

The Biscayan derby had a clear blue color. And it is that Amoribieta exhibited more punch than the subsidiary. First half with few scoring chances, although with a greater offensive presence from the Biscayan subsidiary. After passing through the changing rooms, Jauregi did not forgive from eleven meters after a clear penalty on Pradera, putting his team ahead against an impetuous reserve team. Jauregi signed the second of his private account by taking advantage of a play inside the visiting area. And Izeta rounded off a great morning for her team after completing a quick counterattack.

La Nucia 1 vs Atletico Baleares 1

La Nucia: James; Romera, Savall, Kevin, Ángel López, Bustillo, Ismael (Eneko, 89′), Fer Pina (Jorge García, 60′), Borja Calvo (Rubén Saiz, 75′), Javi Cabezas (Josema, 60′) and Mariano ( Buenacasa, 75′).

Atletico Baleares: Rene Roman; Laure, Olaortua, Alfonso (Adghibe, 88′), Hugo (Miguelete, 57′), Kaxe (Canario, 69′), Pastrana, Dioni, Kevin, Petcoff (Carlos Ramos, 57′) and Fornies.

goals: 1-0 (20 ′): Isamel, from a penalty. 1-1 (25 ‘): Pastrana.

Referee: Campos Salinas, from the Murcian school. He admonished the local Javi García; and the visitors Miguelete, Olaortua and Kevin.

Incidents: Camilo Cano Olympic Stadium. About 800 spectators.

La Nucía and Atlético Baleares had to settle for one point, although the Alicante team deserved a better prize. The first few minutes were even, until the referee punished the visitors with a clear penalty. Ismael was in charge of transforming the maximum penalty and overtaking his team. But the Palma team knew how to react quickly and on time. Pastrana surprised Jaume from the edge of the box to level the score. In addition, the referee annulled a goal for each team. Already in the second half, Jordi Roger’s men were overtaken by César Ferrando’s team, who only needed to score.

Calahorra – Numancia (Sunday at 4:00 p.m.)

Real Murcia – Real Union de Irún (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

UD Logroñés – Cornellà (Sunday at 7:00 p.m.)

Next day Group 2 First RFEF

Nàstic de Tarragona – Numancia (Saturday 10/22, 5:00 p.m.)

Cornellà – La Nucía (Saturday 10/22, 7:00 p.m.)

Sabadell – Intercity (Saturday 10/22, 7:00 p.m.)

Real Unión de Irún – Real Sociedad B (Saturday 10/22, 7:00 p.m.)

Alcoyano – UD Logroñés (Sunday 10/23, 12:00 p.m.)

Atlético Baleares – Eldense (Sunday 10/23, 12:00 p.m.)

Osasuna B – Calahorra (Sunday 10/23, 12:00 p.m.)

Castellón – Amorebieta (Sunday 10/23, 12:00 p.m.)

Bilbao Athletic – Real Murcia (Sunday 10/23, 4:00 p.m.)

SD Logroñés – Barcelona Atlètic (Sunday 10/23, 5:00 p.m.)

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