First look at ’72 Hooren’, this film will show the reality of the black world of suicide bombings

Terrorism is a big problem for the whole world. This chancre continues to spread. A ’72 Hoorian’ movie is coming that focuses on the issue of suicide bombings. The first look of this movie has been released.

This next movie will fully show terrorism. The mind of these terrorists is poisoned to such an extent that they don’t think once before killing innocent people and committing mass murder. It is stated in many reports that during training, terrorists are assured that after death, 72 Hoors will be present at their service in Jannat. In such a situation, after death, these terrorists begin to dream of debauchery with 72 ferrets.

The movie’s teaser has come out as a reality check, in which suicide bombings have been shown to be the result of brainwashing ordinary people. Ordinary people are forced to follow the path of terrorism in the name of religion and faith.

’72 Hooren’ has been made by director Sanjay Puran Singh, who has won the National Award twice. It is said about this film: ‘The brain poison that is slowly administered to ordinary people is turning them into terrorists. These suicide bombers also belong to ordinary families like us who fall prey to the brainwashing shown by the terrorist masters and then become feared terrorists. Due to the misunderstanding of 72 ferrets, they walk the path of destruction, and then its result is very painful. We need to understand that large numbers of people are being deceived and led down the path of terrorism. In such a situation, it has become very important to find the roots of terrorism and destroy it completely.

The producer of this film, Gulab Singh Tanwar, said about it, “It is not the job of a faint-hearted person to produce a different kind of film filled with so much emotion.” 72 Hooren is a film that shows how hypocrisy is spread in the name of religion, and ordinary people are deceived by posing as an imaginary world and then turned into ruthless terrorists. In such a situation, it had become necessary for us to reveal the truth in front of the people.

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit said about this, “This film attacks people with some kinds of strange and poor evils present in the society and tells how they promote themselves in the society to fool the common people.” How people are brainwashed into dressing these fantasies as ideologies so that in the name of jihad they can become terrorists and kill people without mercy. We ask all people to go see this movie in theaters with an open mind.

Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Basheer have worked on ’72 Hoorain’. This film will be released on the cinema screen on July 7, 2023.

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