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First dream month for Messi

First dream month for Messi

When Leo Messi smiles, we can be calm. Because it means he’s comfortable and knows he’s performing exceptionally. It was exactly the change his football career demanded: traveling to a destination where he and his family felt at home and once again sharing the dressing room with two of his teammates and friends, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets.

Everything went as planned. For starters, you debut He was great with Inter Miami in the League Cup, coming on as a substitute and scoring the winner from a direct free-kick from the edge in added time. A “big goal” of the house brand, which shows, in case it wasn’t already clear, that the faults are his specialty.

Ten goals in seven games

But it seems the Argentine didn’t have enough. And that’s it He has contributed to scoring in the seven games he has played with the Inter Miami jersey. He won a double in his second game against Atlanta, and he did so in the following two games, the first round and the round of 16 of the American competition. He also scored in the quarterfinals and the “semifinals”. decisive in the final.

And Leo finally got his reward. His team have become champions of the League Cup, which highlights the reinforcement and quality of Argentina’s Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets. Without a doubt, the “Messi effect” was immediately noticeable.

If every month is half as good as this one, it’s for Leo Messi An incredible year awaits you in the United States. You only have to see his face to know how happy and content he is with his decision and how well he is surrounded. Almost as if he were at Barça.

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