First day of mandatory Green Pass with protests across Italy

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As of this Friday the Green pass -certificate or green pass- issued by the Ministry of Public Health that indicates that the person has received the double anticovid vaccination is mandatory in Italy in all workplaces, both public and private. And this has triggered an aggressive week of demonstrations, marches, far-right attacks and strikes.

Several ports went on strike this Friday, among others Ancona and two of the most important commercial ports on the peninsula, Genoa (north-western Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea) and Trieste (north-eastern Italy, on the Adriatic Sea). In the latter, more than 6,000 people gathered to protest since the morning. The workers of the ports asked, among other things, that the government postpone until October 31 the obligatory nature of the Green Pass – which did not happen – and that the employers were responsible for paying the anticovid test that, in case of not having the Green Pass, the workers will have to do it several times a month. Or that the government take care of those expenses. Today the rapid anticovid test costs 22 Euros and so far none of those requests from dock workers have received any positive response from the government. But apparently it continues negotiating in this sense.

Opportunistic right

The right, represented by Matteo salvini, leader of La Liga, went out to meet these requests trying to capture votes for the second round of the municipal elections that will be held in several cities of the country – including Rome – this Sunday and Monday. “Our goal is to help the three million workers who (have not been vaccinated and then) do not have the Green Pass and risk losing their wages,” Salvini told Radio 24. The mandatory Green Pass “does not seem to me the best way to help people. The quick test is better than nothing. And since the Green Pass has been imposed by the state, it is only fair that the state be responsible for the expenses ”, he concluded. Already fast testing centers and pharmacies are overflowing with the unusual number of rapid test requests.

As for the ports, the biggest problem will be verified in the coming days when the cargoes of the ships cannot be unloaded due to lack of labor, which would delay the distribution of these products throughout the country and could cause serious economic problems. to businessmen, especially in this period close to the end of the year festivities.

Protest demonstrations were feared in all cities. AND after the aggressive attack last Saturday on the headquarters of the left-wing trade union CGIL in Rome by right-wing extremists who destroyed part of the offices after an anti-vaccine and anti-Green Pass demonstration, the intensification of security and police controls were multiplying.


In the Italian capital, a demonstration was held this Friday at the Circus Maximus, a historical place in Rome that today is a large oval esplanade where concerts and political events are held. But there were also several stops in different parts of the city such as Porta Maggiore. Others tried to block traffic, unsuccessfully, on other streets in the city. About 2,000 people gathered at the Circus Maximus. People shouted and raised signs saying: “No Green Pass”, “No dictatorship” and “We are the people, we are democracy” while a group of women who gave roses to the police officers and carabineros who were guarding the area. There were also more aggressive protesters such as those who addressed journalists telling them that “fascism is in the press that makes state propaganda”, that is, it defends what the government does. Others, on the other hand, took it with the covid. “The covid does not exist. It is all the fault of the Speranza system ”(referring to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who is in charge of the national anti-covid campaign).

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On the other hand, another group of No Vacs and No Green Pass, as a measure of protest, occupied since Thursday night the headquarters of the Council of the Lazio Region to which the city of Rome belongs. Among the occupants, a councilor from Lazio who is No Vacs. Anti Green Pass demonstrations were also held on the island of Sardinia, Rimini, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Milan (in which university students also participated), and Naples, among others. One of the slogans they repeated was “Freedom, freedom” and “Work is a right. The tests (rapid anticovid) must be free “

The Vatican, for its part, apparently feared that the protesters could reach its doors, which is why some nearby streets were blocked and military controls multiplied in the area.

In favor of the pass

But not all workers demonstrated against the Green Pass. Conversely, Many of those who had to show it when entering their work this Friday commented that they felt safer and calmer, now that many will start working again within the offices, leaving work at home aside, as was done during the worst months of the pandemic. Some workplaces set up an electronic system that quickly reads the Green Pass QR code (a code that allows you to read the details of the certificate). In other places, the certificates had to be controlled by surveillance.

The mandatory application of the Green Pass “will not be a simple step. But it is the price that must be paid to push the country in the right direction, towards the vaccination that defeats the virus, ”commented the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando. Postponing the application of the mandatory Green Pass, as some workers ask, “would mean slowing down a battle against the virus that must be won as soon as possible” to “end a dramatic season that the weakest have paid and will pay. ”Orlando stressed.

The day of demonstrations ended without major problems, without aggressive attacks like those of last Saturday. Perhaps because the leaders of the right preferred to calm the waters before the possibility of a negative effect on the vote in the second round of the municipal elections that will take place Sunday and Monday and in which major cities such as Rome and Turin may be decisive. .

Most vaccinated

On the other hand, it was learned that perhaps due to the fact that the day on which the Green Pass would be mandatory was approaching and because of the possible consequences that this entails for those who do not have it (possible suspension from work, reduction of salary and cancellation of the contract, among other things depending on the case), many people decided to get vaccinated with at least the first dose. According to official data, the first doses increased 46 percent in the last days compared to the number of vaccinations in the preceding days. According to the same sources, 46 million Italians over 12 years old (85.11 percent of the population) have already received at least the first dose.


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