First concert in the metaverse produced in Spain on Roblox by Pull&Bear and the artist Nicki Nicole

First concert in the metaverse produced in Spain on Roblox by Pull&Bear and the artist Nicki Nicole

Pull&Bear, the young fashion brand of the Inditex group, presents Nicki Nicole’s first concert on Roblox, the epicenter of innovation, trends and entertainment. Nicki Nicole x Pull&Bear is about the first concert produced in Spain in the metaverse, in Roblox, one of the largest online platforms for shared immersive 3D experiences in the world with more than 55 million daily active users.

And it is that the irruption of the metaverse is having more and more impact on our lives. It is no longer something abstract or reduced to the gamer universe. Every time more brands decide to develop hybrid initiatives, which allow the user to interact both in the virtual world and in the real world. It is mainly the fashion industry that is betting more and more strongly on these high-innovation environments.

Pull&Bear has joined this trend, betting on the launch of this virtual concert, inspired by the work of renowned visual artist Jack Sachs, who also collaborates with the fashion brand to develop a physical space at the music festival Spring Sound.

The virtual world created for the concert has been designed and produced by wildbytesSpanish experiential innovation startupwhich has a long experience in the creation and development of unique events for the public both in the virtual world and in physical spaces.

The show will be held on next June 8 at 8pm CEST, being the first event of this magnitude produced in the metaverse in Spain. In addition, the concert will also be broadcast in streaming from Instagram Live and the Pull&Bear website, through a direct, becoming the first event that can be seen live from both platformsbeing accessible and comprehensive for anyone who wants to enjoy the show.

From the experiential innovation agency and expert in the metaverse they recently highlighted that it is not surprising that the most important retailers are creating purely virtual stores, “a situation that will be common in 2 or 3 years, in fact, 70% of the big brands will have a presence in the metaverse in the next five years”. Specifically, a report by the consulting firm McKinsey and the industry analysis firm The Business of Fashion, suggests that, in the next five years, fashion companies can generate more than 5% of their income with investments in virtual activities.

“The metaverse is growing in an unstoppable way. In the past year alone there were more than 5M mentions of the metaverse in online conversations -with 29% positive brand sentiment-, with Generation Z and Millennials being the age groups that dominate 90% of said conversations, according to a study by Business Reporter. More and more brands see the value and possibilities that this hybridization opens up in their strategies. The realization of virtual events, with a great innovative component, makes the user experience unique and incomparable, especially impacting the new generations of consumers”, declares Daniel Torrico, Managing Director of Wildbytes in Spain.

Interactive planets, avatars and an immersive virtual experience

Users who choose to watch the concert from Roblox will be able to enjoy a virtual world with the iconic stamp of visual artist Jack Sachs, with whom Pull&Bear also collaborates to create its physical space at the Primavera Sound music festival.

This world is made up of small planets through which the avatars of the concertgoers will be able to travel and move around the artistwhose monumental-scale avatar will be on the central planet that can be seen from all the other. The interactive experience is also made up of attractions such as slides, pools, jumps or mats that allow the avatars to playful movements and the possibility of sharing their participation in RRSS. On the other hand, users will be able to choose different dances for their avatar.

There are also portals for showgoers to ‘teleport’ from one planet to another, allowing them to experience the concert in a variety of ways and viewpoints. In addition, users will be able to enjoy a ‘jetpack’ with which they can fly between planets and around Nicki Nicole, enjoying the concert from the air. Likewise, users will be able to send reactions to Nicki, uniting all these shows of affection from fans around the singer’s avatar.


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