Many fires are ongoing in the Krasnoyarsk region in eastern Siberia. The fire affected some two hundred buildings and killed at least five people, local authorities announced on Saturday May 7, declaring a state of emergency.

“The fire spreads in more than 16 inhabited areas, around 200 buildings, several sawmills, a kindergarten are burning, there are already deaths”, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of this region said on Telegram. So far, five dead have been counted.

Difficult weather conditions

Calling the situation a “difficult”, the authorities declared a state of emergency in the region. Authorities say around 300 people and more than 90 vehicles are involved in putting out the fires. “Extinguishing is complicated by weather conditions – high winds accelerate the spread of fires and make it difficult to put an end to them”added the local ministry.

Unprecedented fires have been ravaging Siberia for several years. In 2021, fires, particularly in eastern Siberia, released 16 million tonnes of carbon (4th highest volume since the start of measurements in 2003), according to the annual European climate report.


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