Fires in Greece: Villagers Lost Everything

It’s been nearly two weeks since the flames ravaged the Athens region of Greece. The strong heat doesn’t help. 650 firefighters are on the front lines.

70,000 hectares were devastated. In Greece, fires disrupted the landscape and destroyed hundreds of homes. “That was the main entrance to the Clubhouse, with the room where our members used to sit. Here, the bar is completely destroyed”, shows Stavros Georgopoulos, director of the Athens Equestrian Club. The 12 employees and 55 horses are all safe and sound. Besides, no one knows where to start repairing. State officials are overwhelmed.

Within four days, hundreds of homes were devastated. North of Athens, a family remains seated on the path. Fate is cruel: this is the second time they have had to start from scratch. “We cried, we cried a lot, my husband and I. We already lost a house in 2007 in another fire”, laments Anastasia Bourla. Many question the aid, but in Greece it is possible to build a house in the forest and there is no strict land use plan.

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