Fires in Greece: spectacular ash landscapes on the island of Rhodes

After their passage on the island of Rhodes, the fires leave behind them lunar landscapes. In places, the buildings escaped the flames. A resident, met by the teams of France 2 was not so lucky. “Everything burned in just a few seconds”, she is moved. This house was for her the dream of a lifetime. She had just renovated it. “We never thought it would come so far, to the point of destroying half the island”she says.

Residents in fear

In Kiotari, residents now live in fear. “It could start again. We can still see smoke around”, explains a resident. In the sky, the passage of water bomber helicopters reminds us that the fight is not over. In places, there is no more electricity for the inhabitants. A little further, a restaurant in Kiotari did not survive. Usually, the restaurateur lives off the summer season. Now he is waiting for help from theEtat, even if he doesn’t believe it. “Today I received an electricity bill. We have had fires for five days, and they ask me to pay for the electricity”he laments.

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