Fires in Greece: first respite on the forest fire front

“The latest information we have points to a lull. This Friday marks the first day since the start of this fire crisis without any region placed on maximum alert. According to firefighters, there are no longer any active outbreaks. Temperatures are dropping and offering some respite, as it’s between 30 and 35 degrees compared to over 45 degrees for the past few days”explains Matthieu Boisseau.

Fires are sometimes criminal acts

“However, firefighters remain on the alert, as the winds are still blowing steadily. In total, this episode has lasted for fifteen days, including 10 with fires with an average of 60 fires per day. Fires are linked to climatic conditions, but also to human negligence, and sometimes criminal acts. Investigations have been opened, they relate in particular to the fire which spread in the Volos region”concludes the journalist.

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