Fires in Canada: Nova Scotia ravaged by a gigantic blaze

Seen from the air, the fires seem to have surrounded the Halifax region in Canada. The smoke from the acres of burning forest is even visible from planes, as the thick plume gradually blankets entire areas. For three days, the province has been facing unprecedented fires. A driver attempts to drive through the area, but is quickly surrounded by flames. In a neighborhood on the outskirts of Halifax, the huge blaze reached the doors of houses.

The origin of the fires would be human

The inhabitants are trying by derisory means, such as with a garden hose, to stop the progression of the fire. For the moment, no casualties are to be deplored, but 200 homes have been destroyed since Tuesday evening. Residents had to evacuate urgently, they lost everything. Firefighters are still trying to control the fire, all means are deployed. But certain infrastructures such as a bridge did not resist, and prevent the progress of relief.

According to the authorities, the origin of the fires is human. The province has therefore just increased the fine, 17,000 euros for anyone who does not respect the ban on lighting any fire. Friday, June 2, the firefighters are counting on the rain, expected at the end of the morning, to help them control this gigantic blaze.

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