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Firefox 91 clears all tracking cookies to browse with complete confidentiality

Firefox continues its search for unwanted cookies. In its new update, the browser has a new feature that erases all data collected by a website at the user’s request. A radical yet effective way to protect your privacy on the web.

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Cookies have the power to spoil the life of everyone who wants to visit their favorite places without being spied on. Since the entry into force of the new European regulations, several minutes, even hours, a day have been wasted in denying access to personal data. Even there, some pages contain hidden cookies that are impossible to disable. Firefox, a big advocate of privacy, already offers effective protection against them.

Your new version, Firefox 91, goes even further. The browser now allows you to completely erase all data collected by a website. To do this, it creates what Mozilla describes as a “Cookie jar” specific to each site that is possible delete with a single click. This feature, called “Advanced Cookie Cleaning”, prevents websites from communicating Internet users’ personal information with each other.

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How to delete all tracking cookies in Firefox

From now on, it’s easier to completely delete your passage on the web page. To do this you must go to Settings> Privacy and security> Cookies and website data so click on the button manage data. Firefox then displays all cookie pots, as well as two options: Delete selected sites, which therefore deletes cookies collected by a website, and delete everything, which completely erases the story.

“Firefox 91’s new approach to deleting cookies prevents hidden privacy violations and lets you easily see which sites are storing information on your computer”, explains Mozilla. “This means that you can easily recognize and delete all the data that a website has stored on your computer, without having to worry about the remaining third-party data embedded in that website”.

Firefox 91 Update is now available. You can install it from the Mozilla website or via Settings> Firefox Updates> Check for Updates.

Source: Mozilla

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