Fiorentina rates Vlahovic

Vlahovic already has a starting price. That at least is what the Italian media are reporting. That Fiorentina, aware that its footballer is not going to renew, that big clubs like Juventus and Atlético de Madrid want him, that it has rejected all the contract extension offers that have been presented to it, He has put a price on it. It’s 70 million. A note: it has been lowered by 20 million in a few days. 90 was the one that was communicated to Juventus when he asked for him.

To Andrea Berta, all the references that came from the Serbian were exceptional. He became its maximum supporter last summer when, before Griezmann arrived at Atlético, the rojiblanco club was looking for a guaranteed striker, at the height of Suárez, but it collided with the high claims of the Italian club, determined not to sell its footballer, on which he wanted to build his future, and to which he put a price of 100 million, unaffordable.

Juve, competitor

Juventus is the great competitor with the rojiblanco club for taking over the striker. Something that could affect the rojiblancos in a double way since, if in the end Vlahovic signs for the Vecchia Signora, would not exercise the purchase on Morata (35 million) and he would be forced to return to Atlético, where he no longer has a place.

The year is long and the soap opera Vlahovic seems to continue to fill pages. He is a soccer player with a goal and that is priced high. Last season he scored 21 in 40 games and this is already six in eight. With the great ones knocking incessantly at your door. Your starting price you already know. Those 70 million.

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