Home Sports Fine of 25,000 euros for Hamilton’s piercing

Fine of 25,000 euros for Hamilton’s piercing

Fine of 25,000 euros for Hamilton's piercing

Even at the risk of Formula 1 becoming a catalog of prohibited accessories, the controversy of underpants and jewelry at the beginning of the year now has a bonus track: Mercedes was fined 25,000 euros on Saturday in Singapore because Hamilton did not remove his nose piercing before getting into the car in Free Practice 3. As the driver himself explained, he got into the car with the supplement due to medical indication, and this was confirmed by the FIA ​​doctor, Ian Roberts, who travels in the medical car. So Lewis himself, who had to go to the stewards to explain himself, left without any punishment because his decisions were not against the norm.

But Mercedes had verified in the official documents that are usually delivered to the stewards that the pilot complied with the regulations, when this was not the case, and they avoided the exception that they had been granted. In the penalty statement, “the stewards accept that the statement error in this case was not intentional or deliberate, but would not have occurred had the team put a question to Hamilton before the statement was completed and submitted.” “In these circumstances, we fined the team 25,000 euros,” they sentence.

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