Find out which will be the 5 highest paid baseball players during the 2023 MLB season

Less and less to go before the new season begins in the Major League Baseballbut During free agency there have been several surprises with players who have changed teams.

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They have especially been two cases that have powerfully attracted attentionsince the contracts that these players signed positioned them among the most lucrative of all time.

The first of them is Aaron Judge which he renewed with the new york yankees for 9 years in exchange for 360 million dollars.

The second case is that of Raphael Devers who signed an extension with the boston red soxin a contract 11 years in exchange for 331 million dollarsthe highest in franchise history.

Top of the 5 best paid by season

But on average per season, someone else occupies the honorary position of the highest paid for the 2023 season in MLB.

At number one are the pitchers of the New York Mets, Max Scherzer Y Justin Verlandersince both perceive 43.3 million dollars per season.

Max Scherzer signed in 2021 for 3 years and 130 millionfor his part verlander signed by 2 years and 86.6 million.

On the second rung, it is positioned Aaron Judge with 40 million per season.

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While for the third place, it is found Jacob deGrom of the texas rangerswith a 5-year contract in exchange for 185 million dollars, which represents 37 million per season.

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In fourth place is Gerrit Cole of the new york yankeeswho will receive 36 million annually; due to his contract 9 years for 324 million dollars.

Finally, on the fifth step is located Mike Trout of Los Angeles Angels, who earns 35.4 million per season since 2019; that signed the largest contract in history, 12 years in exchange for 426.5 million.

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