Find out what Kiara Advani thinks of Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema’s love story

The success of Shershaah, based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, has left the crew of this film giddy. Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani are very happy with the success of this film. They are both happy to be able to present the real life story of the film Vikram Batra in such a way that everyone’s heart becomes tangled.

Of course, the movie’s war scenes are being highly praised, but emotionally this movie has also become very strong because in it the incomplete love story of Vikram Batra and his girlfriend Dimple Cheema has been mentioned in a very poignant way. Let us tell you that when Vikram was studying at university, he fell in love with Dimple Cheema, a girl who was studying with him. They both loved Dillonjan but Honi had something else in mind and they couldn’t join even if they wanted to because Vikram went to Kargil War after promising to return and then came back wrapped in the tricolor. About this unfinished love story of Dimple and Vikram Batra, Kiara Advani said in an interview, I think that in just four years of relationship, their love had grown so strong and solid that Dimple had made sure that many, no matter what outside, they have to live forward in life only with this relationship.

After Vikram Batra's martyrdom, Kiara Advani said something about Dimple Cheema, who is living life as his widow.

Let us tell you that Kiara played the on-screen character of Dimple Cheema in the movie. When Vikram was martyred in real life, Dimple didn’t marry anyone else and still spends his life alone as Vikram’s widow. He is a teacher at a school in Chandigarh. Despite being told so by members of Vikram’s family, Dimple did not settle down with anyone else and is still happy to live with the help of Vikram’s memories.

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