Finch: Tom Hanks explores a dystopian and hot world

Among the many film releases to discover at the end of the year, Tom Hanks’ next adventure is definitely not to be missed. If the dystopian universe is a staple of science fiction, already seen and reviewed, Finch nevertheless seems intriguing and visually pleasing.

The story takes place in a new post-apocalyptic world where society collapsed in no time as a result of a solar flare. Trapped in the loneliness of the Survivor, but also in the anxiety and fear of meeting the remaining humans, Finch, played by Tom Hanks, hides and meets a dog, named Goodyear. A robotics engineer, Finch decides to build a Robot so that he can take care of his fellow adventurer, long after his death. These three adventure companions will travel together in what promises to be a perilous journey to the mountains.

Finch quickly sets itself apart from the usual apocalyptic scenarios, by making a robot, a dog and a human a united team, the atmosphere, the humor and the settings already announce a meeting not to be missed for fans of the genre who will be able to discover the film as soon as it is released on Apple TV + on November 5, 2021.

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