Finally, the US Secretary of State is going to visit China

Finally, the US Secretary of State is going to visit China Anthony Blinken. Through it He is going to visit China as the first US Secretary of State in the last five years.

He is scheduled to visit on June 18 to discuss the pending issues besides normalizing the relations between the two countries.

One of Reuters According to the report, China had a secret agreement with Cuba last Thursday. After that agreement, the news of the US Secretary of State’s visit to Beijing came to the fore.

Blinken was scheduled to visit Beijing in February this year. But his visit was canceled at that time due to the issue of Chinese ‘surveillance balloons’ in US airspace.

The Biden administration believes Beijing is planning to spy on Washington by deploying technology in Cuba. In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China complained on Friday that the US is ‘spreading rumours’.

The two countries have not yet made an official announcement about Blinken’s visit. China’s Washington embassy said that Beijing is interested in talks with the United States. Embassy officials expressed hope that the two countries will jointly reach an agreement.


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