Final ultimatum from Fernando Alonso to the boss of Aston Martin: There are teams behind

The Spanish rider and his team are looking for answers after a difficult weekend in Marina Bay

The 2023 Singapore GP has put Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin in an awkward position. This weekend the British team struggled to perform at the Marina Bay circuit and the Asturian driver endured one of the worst Sundays of his career. But team boss Mike Krack opted for calm amid the storm.

When asked if this was Aston Martin’s worst weekend of the year, Krack replied: “Yes, we had some bad ones, but we also had some good ones. I think that in a 22-race season and in sport in general there are ups and downs, that’s normal.” Krack was also careful about Alonso’s mistakes, especially the mistake that earned him a penalty. He suspected it might be a problem with the vehicle equipment and said:

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin
Ups and downs are normal in a Formula 1 season

Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin couldn’t score any points, setup or driver errors?

Alonso couldn’t escape criticism after making mistakes on the track. including one that resulted in a penalty. However, Krack was cautious and suspected that it could be a problem with the vehicle set-up: “We have to look into it. Since this requires some settings to be made, we need to check whether these have been made and whether you have also been reminded to make them. So I’ll be careful about commenting on errors until we’ve looked at this.. This statement reflects the team’s methodical approach to tackling problems and finding solutions.

Regarding Alonso’s comment on the radio that the car was “undriveable”.Krack defended his driver: “Yes, but as a team we have to recognize whether a driver is critical.” Obviously you don’t get the performance that you expect and are used to, and so I think that’s okay. We want them to do their best, and it’s normal for athletes to react like that. So there is no problem.”

The mysterious damage to the suspension and the long pit stop

After the race, Images circulated on social media showing a broken part in the left front suspension area of ​​Alonso’s car.. Krack acknowledged this issue: “We had a small amount of damage to the car that we need to understand how impactful it was.” However, the team is unsure when and how this damage occurred, raising questions about its cause .

The pit stop, which lasted more than half a minute, also gave cause for concern. Krack described it as “a sequence of events” but avoided blaming his mechanics and emphasized the need for detailed analysis to fully understand what happened. DefinitelyThe Singapore GP presented an unusual challenge for Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin in the 2023 season. Despite the obstacles, the team remains optimistic and focused on resolving the issues to return to the track strong.

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