Final offensive of Real Zaragoza ties the signing of Cristo

Real Zaragoza has made his last clean and jerk at the idea of ​​adding a new striker, which in Torrecilla’s words everything indicates is going to be Christ Gonzalez. The tip of Udinese of Italy will surely be free, in loan format once they manage to gestate the achievement of a point as they relate from the inside.

That is the measure that makes the white people dream that they are still in debt for that area where they have not been able to find a clear reference in the area. Christ also understands that it is his moment, and that the environment is not helping him too much. With no chance of playing too much, he has conceived that idea and has accepted it. Leaving and winning minutes is one of the most valid at the moment.

When they signed Álvaro Giménez it was sung, the idea of ​​the club was to get two forwards, this time they are looking for another reference in attack. They want a footballer who is capable of attracting the center-backs, distracting them and forcefully creating spaces on the outside. JIM has a clear idea and conceptualization of it, so he is not going to waste time and raises the chance.

Although Borja Garcés was the biggest candidate, the thing about Christ right now is real. For this they have requested or requested a transfer, the same that they had raised for some time. Udinese is on this path, especially now that they don’t want to lose him. He is the right player to plan for the long term, since he has the necessary conditions to fulfill that job.

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Zaragoza has felt the panorama and has gotten into clear terrain. They want to be an asset of solutions and that is why they have created this fact. They know in advance the intentions of Udinese and they seek to solve the problem by granting a space to the footballer, with minutes and incidence in group work.

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