Final dart of Fernando Alonso crushes Alpine in Singapore

A new error of the A522 leaves the Asturian on the verge of collapse

This weekend finished one more GP in the Formula 1 2022disputed in Singaporewith a new bitter taste for Fernando Alonso and his team Alpine F1 Team. The race gave great surprises as the winner was not the Dutchman Max Verstappen, but the Mexican from the Red Bull Team, Sergio Pérez.

As for the Spanish representation, Carlos Sainz he occupied the podium in third place, and in the general table he is already fifth with 202 points. However, the one who did not have a good time at all was the Asturianwho had to Leave the race halfway, this time due to engine failure.

alpine singapore
Fernando Alonso had to abandon the Singapore GP due to engine failure in his A522.

Fernando Alonso exploded in Singapore and already wants to leave the Alpine

In an interview after the race in Asian lands, Fernando Alonso did not keep anything back about his impressions of the GP in Singapore. “Pfff, again 8 or 10 points that are gone and there were already about 50 points lost this year so there are already about 60, which is unacceptable.” Once again the man from Oviedo has to abandon a race, because of his team and not his.

“I am very upset because there had been good performances on my part throughout the weekend in this race and again the mechanical failure was added for 14. And yes, then it was the two cars but one was behind and out of points and it was not as serious as my case in points, that this year changes everything” Alonso sentenced.

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Fernando Alonso was not the only one affected by Alpine in Singapore

After the mandatory retirement of Fernando Alonso in the Singapore GP, a few laps later the one who had to leave was also his teammate Steban Ocon. Apparently the reason was the same as in the Spanish car, an engine failure. However, the Asturian was more significant, since he was in a better position than the Frenchman.

The competition outings of its two drivers cost it one place less in the general constructors’ table. In this way, the Alpine no longer occupies position 4 but 5, as McLaren took it away in Singapore. With each race that passes, the panorama for the French team is darker, and Fernando Alonso begins to count the days to go to Aston Martin.

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