Final bomb of Vinicius certifies galactic goodbye at Real Madrid

The moment of the Brazilian has been fundamental for the meringues bosses to finish making the decision in this regard

There are individualities of great invoice in the total Spanish environment, but to go to the Real Madrid and analyze one by one you have to focus on Vinicius. The Brazilian’s talent is obvious and he has weighed it in one of the most complex scenarios, in the Argentina Vs Brazil from the last day of the qualifiers to date in South America.

He has driven the defenders of the current champion of the continent crazy, and he has even had time to throw a lambretta that for many it has been the one who has paid the ballot. There is no longer any doubt, Vinicius is the player of the moment and therefore they will dispense with the services of Eden Hazard, to whom they have paid a lot and for whom they have received practically nothing.

Hazard Seville
Eden Hazard could leave Real Madrid right now in winter

Impossible to argue, with Vinicius they make up for the disgrace of the most mediatic and most frustrating signing of the last time in Madrid

And it is not only because of what he has done with Brazil, technically he has improved a lot, and he has even overcome that crisis in the face of goal. Together with Benzema he has become a fundamental piece and for Ancelotti this is unquestionable. On the other side is Hazard, who is not even helped by his physical condition, much less the trust placed in his coach.

When he is back to fullness, the injuries marginalize him to the point of having touched that act with shame. They can’t take it anymore and they already have their exit letter ready. They want to take advantage now that it still has offers and that by age it can meet a last gasp of level, yes, at a rather depressing cost.

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Newcastle appears as an opportunity to which they do not think to say no

In this vein, the world new rich has taken the opportunity to post a juicy offer. They want Hazard to be part of their new group of players who not only seek salvation, but also give another meaning to the club itself. His leadership, experience and talent are to be admired on that site, so they would have no problem paying close to 25 million euros for his signing.

Much less than they bargained for, but much more than they can bear to avoid a second Gareth Bale case. The situation is tense at the moment, but it is exciting at the time for all parties knowing that the winter market is about to fall and could bring very positive things.

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