Final acceleration from Real Madrid to sign Garuba now

Two years have passed since Usman Garuba left Real Madrid to move to the NBA, a league in which he had little chance and which he will now leave to return to Europe.

After two years of trying to secure a spot in the NBA, Usman Garuba is about to return there real Madrid. The American Dream did not fare well at all for the Spanish power forward as he was unlucky in the teams he played in. And the young competition at both the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder has been very strong and the player has been cut in recent weeks.

Still, the option of returning to the NBA was on the table, especially since he was coming off a great World Series. However, he did not receive the call he expected and the Spain international has decided to return to Spain. How could it not be otherwise, Usman Garuba’s destination will be Real Madridwho has already prepared everything for his return.

Garuba will return to Real Madrid
Garuba, one step away from returning to Europe

Key lessons at Real Madrid for Garuba’s recovery

As we have learned in the last few days, Real Madrid’s plan is to sign Usman Garuba for the Spanish Super Cup. It will be a particularly complicated competition for the white team, as the first game will be against FC Barcelona. That’s why they want to work with the best players available.

So if they want the Spanish striker, they will have to complete his signing in the next few hours. Therefore Real Madrid wants to speed up Garuba’s return. That way, in the same week, he would receive Chus Mateo’s order to prepare for next Saturday’s game against FC Barcelona.

Chus Mateo already has his starting power forward

With the arrival of Usman 4th place at Real Madrid would already be taken. This was one of the coach’s big demands on the white sports management, as he did not have a pure power forward. But now they have a top player who will significantly improve the team’s level.

Now all efforts will be focused on the arrival of a shooter. The player who has the best chance of making the team is Klemen Prepelic, as he is without a team at the moment. However, the shooter will not be available for the Spanish Super Cup. A different situation than that of Usman Garuba, who will put on the Real Madrid jersey again this week.

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