FIM JuniorGP Championship Continues Post-Round 4

Latest developments at the Algarve International Circuit mark the halfway point of the FIM JuniorGP World Championship, with Álvaro Carpe and Guido Pini claiming victories in the JuniorGP of Moto3, Roberto García in the European Moto2, Carlos Cano in the European Talent Cup, and Archie Bob McDonald in the European Stock, as the championship remains open in all categories ahead of the final stretch.

In the Moto3 JuniorGP, a dramatic crash in the first lap put Jesús Ríos out of the running, allowing Carpe, Uriarte, Cruces, and Pini to take the lead. The peloton remained compact, with more than ten drivers in the top group, until a last-minute commotion gave Carpe a few crucial meters. Guido Pini neutralized Carpe’s lead, and the two drivers battled for the podium spots, with Carpe emerging victorious on the same finish line.

In the second race, the same top contenders joined forces once again, this time with Jesús Ríos determined to score points. Carpe directed the pace, but Guido Pini proved equal to the task, passing Carpe to take the checkered flag, and putting Carpe in third.

The Moto2 European Championship featured two high-stakes races on the Portuguese track, with Roberto García dominating from pole position, leaving Daniel Muñoz in his wake. The Spanish rider and Surra exchanged positions, before García pulled away to win solo, while Muñoz paid the price for his aggression and dropped out of the race.

The second Moto2 race saw the same top drivers battling it out, with García throwing caution to the wind and taking an early lead. Behind him, Muñoz’s aggression proved costly, as he was left out of the race, paving the way for García to secure his second win of the day.

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Carlos Cano started like a bullet to take the lead in the European Talent Cup, pulling hard to maintain his advantage, as the pack closely followed, including Tinez, Pugliese, González, and Alsina. In the end, Cano emerged victorious, maintaining his hold on the general classification.

Without Lorenzo Dalla Porta in the fray, Mario Mayor seized the opportunity to take the lead in the European Stock Championship, chasing McDonald hard but ultimately coming up short. The Australian secured the win, with Dalla Porta retaining his top spot.

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