Filmin premieres science fiction and robot shorts at Ros Film Festival

Filmin premieres Degrees of Freedom, a collection of science fiction and robot short films selected at ROS Film Festival

Throughout the month of February, the Filmin platform includes science fiction and robotics-themed short films in its catalog under the name Degrees of freedom (here you can see). This collection includes Spanish and Latin American short films awarded throughout the 4 editions of the ROS Film Festival.

Degrees of Freedom brings together a total of seven short films, which are presented in the same 86-minute series.

ROS Film Festival is an international and online festival that explores technology and, fundamentally, the relationship between humans and robots through science fiction. The festival celebrated its fourth edition in 2021, with more than 240 short films in competition, from 50 countries. It is an original idea of the kaleidoscope and is sponsored by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The tragedy of Tarajal pixel by pixel

The short film that opens the series, Under Pixel, places the viewer before the “tragedy of Tarajal”, when 15 people drowned trying to reach the beaches of Ceuta to enter Spain.

On February 6, events are held in memory of that event. The short film Under Pixel, included in the Degrees of Freedom series, breaks down those images that went around the world, highlighting the technical intent of the person behind the camera, collecting images of enormous emotional impact that, however, technically they are just a group of pixels.

The rest of the short films selected in the Degrees of Freedom series show dystopias, robots, Artificial Intelligence, addictive metaverses and, on occasion, a delirious critical and deeply acidic sense of humour.

The short film that closes the series, Annie, features Almudena Amor, nominated for Best New Actress at this year’s Goya Awards for El Buen Patrón. The actor Nancho Novo stars in Conversations with a monkey.

This is the selection that can already be seen in Filmin:

underpixela reflection on the role of the image to convey a message

Real image of Tarajal

The project by Barcelonan Adriá Guardiola deals with the recordings of the Tarajal tragedy in 2014 that took place on the border between Spain and Morocco. The basis of the short is the pixelated images released by the Civil Guard in 2014 to justify their actions in the Tarajal Case, in which 15 people died trying to swim to Tarajal beach, in Ceuta (Spain). Under Pixel does not seek to criticize what happened in the famous Tarajal Case, but rather a reflection on the transforming power of the image. The short film lasts 10 minutes, which was the time it took a person to drown on February 6, 2014.

IDIOT (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide). Humour, social criticism and Donald Trump on target.

Image of the short film MAMON

Image of the short film MAMON

The destroyer robot Donald Trump is a Mazinger Z that machine-guns immigrants with his dick. Hilarious, provocative, with extraordinary black humor and impeccable workmanship, MAMON unanimously won the III Edition of the ROS Film Festival. It is a satirical science fiction and fantasy short film that explores, through dark humor and special effects, the hilarious consequences of Donald Trump’s plan to expel immigrants from the United States and build a huge border wall. It is a co-production of Uruguay and Mexico.

Uncanney Valleya haunting short film about virtual reality junkies

Uncanney Valley short film

Uncanney Valley short film

Written and directed by the Argentine Federico Héller and produced by the 3DAR animation studio, it mixes real images with 3D animation. It has mockumentary format and places you in a near future in which there are virtual reality addicts who talk to the camera about their world, about what goes through their heads, and how one day reality completely disappeared without them having no desire to return.

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conversations with a monkey. A Spanish short film, directed by Eduardo Grojo and starring Nancho Novo. It raises the limits of artificial intelligence for creativity

Image from the short film Conversations with a Monkey

Image from the short film Conversations with a Monkey

Juan Siegman (Nancho Novo) is a film director who has seen better days. He is writing a sci-fi script for his new movie with the help of IAN, an anthropomorphic robot who gives him advice on narrative, structure, and life in general. Siegman is overtaken by the technological revolution, and wonders if he is really ready for it.

Powdertron 500. Directed by Silvia Conesa, an exceptional “rara avis”, as a woman, in the Spanish creation of quality science fiction

poster for the short film Polvotron 500

Poster for the short film Polvotron 500

Year 2065. Charly is a gray man in a hopeless world dominated by large corporations, where everything has a price, even resting without being besieged by advertising. Charly usually sleeps in an old holographic cabin, POWDER 500, where he manages so that no one bothers him. He one night mistakenly activates the resident sexual hologram, “Niky”, unaware that he is a new model with enhanced quantum intelligence.

Theoa Chilean short film that confronts us with the disturbing possibilities of human genetic selection.

Image of the Chilean short film TEO

Image of the Chilean short film TEO

A couple goes to design their first child at a gene editing clinic, hoping that the child will achieve the successful and happy life that they have not been able to have. The short film is directed by Eduardo Bunster BUNSTER (Santiago, CHILE, 1980), a Chilean director and cinematographer, who has ventured into fiction cinema, documentaries, stop-motion animation and video art. He has carried out projects in different regions of the world, enriching his vision through interaction with diverse cultures and narratives. His short film “D-construir” stands out (best short film at the Sydney Fantastic Film Festival and at the Cine B Santiago Festival), his diptych of short documentaries “Paisajes Internos” and his collaborations as director of photography with prominent directors of Chilean cinema.

Annie, a horror short film in which the terrible ones are the humans. Winner of the IV edition of ROS Film Festival

Short film Annie, winner of the fourth edition of ROS FILM FESTIVAL

Short film Annie, winner of the fourth edition of ROS FILM FESTIVAL

Annie is a girl who wakes up in the middle of an abandoned quarry without knowing how or why she got there. As she sits up, she begins to understand her complicated situation. Tied to a post by a metal chain, she Annie can’t run away. As the hours go by, the hopes of escaping from her are fading. This is how Annie starts, a horror short film in which humans show no mercy.

With a script and direction by Miki Durán, it was shot in Mallorca and is performed by Aina Jagla, Almudena Amor, Marc Bonnin and Dylan Torrel, produced by Singular Audiovisual. Annie is a sample of the good health of Spanish science fiction.


The series of short films selected for Filmin ends with a screening of ROS FILM FESTIVAL. Here you can see a preview.

Screening of short films, debates on technology, the future, dystopias and robots, concerts, humorous monologues, live performances and, above all, a firm commitment to continue imagining and creating futures.

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