In the middle of a critical week for the National Police (PN) and the country, due to the death of the architect Leslie Rosado at the hands of a police officer, the premiere of the film “Carta Blanca” is approaching, a film that portrays with much proximity and plausibility part of the situation in which the aforementioned institution finds itself in terms of crime and its management.

These and other details were offered by Pedro Urrutia, director of the film, and Pepe Sierra, main actor, during a meeting with journalists from LISTÍN DIARIO, regarding the premiere in Santiago, on October 19.

The story is based on real events, since it was thought, says Urrutia. In his opinion, this reality of having police officers with “carte blanche” or freedom to act lethally affects the Dominican Republic from the neighborhood and should be exposed through a film. This had been proposed to him at the end of his previous project “Peace Code”.

In that sense, Urrutia confesses that he had thought about making a documentary based on this topic, but that he understood that treated in that way, he was not going to live the reality that definitely lets you see a movie, taking care of every detail.

Dominican police system
Referring to what happened last weekend with Leslie Rosado, and in relation to the film, he says that events like this are the reason for bringing this production to the screen, which, incidentally, deepens the structure of the Dominican police system.

In addition to this, Sierra comments that it is a risky proposal because it deals directly with a “taboo” subject, and explains it as an indication to an agent designated for the mission on which he has “license to terminate the target.”

Along these lines, he comments that the film does not deal with the subject from a morbid perspective, not one of criticism of the PN, but rather tries to provide the tools to establish a real dialogue about the daily life of the police system that develops in the country . It also clarifies that not all agents are the same, “within an organization there are good guys and bad guys, as well as those who give orders and those who limit themselves to following them, otherwise they are replaced by someone else.”

The plot revolves around an officer named Manuel Mena, an agent who on many occasions has been ordered to implement the carte blanche code, but due to some circumstances, not disclosed by the director, feels the need to get out of that line. in which it has been handled, but the power structure does not allow it.

The plot, as he explains, shows the structure within the police system, revealing who are the executors and who are the objectives of said code.

Urrutia says that the film was filmed in 2018 and then extra drone scenes were added. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not released on schedule.

“Although it was difficult, it was the best thing that happened. The pandemic made the project improve and also made me connect with other people who, probably, will take the film further, internationally ”, adds Urrutia.

New to Dominican cinema
Chase scenes were made, which is something new in Dominican cinema, as well as shootings, always taking care of the color of the Dominicans, according to the director.

In this line, locations were also shown, such as the neighborhoods: La Ciénaga, Barrio Nuevo, La Victoria, Villa Juana, Villa Consuelo, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, with the intention of making these places of the country known and general a type of cinematographic tourism or, at least, promote it.

Regarding his experience in this filming, Sierra states that it was a great opportunity for him, one of the few times that he has had to work without characterizing, since I generally do characterizations, and now “it was me giving my soul.”

He explains that the character has a cognitive dissonance between what he wants to do and what the system forces him to do, well, he has a bureaucratic weight that is capable of eliminating it, but he is aware that he does not want to continue.


Both Urrutia and Sierra agree that the film is a reflection of the fact that, if things change in the future, what the past was will be marked and what was lived will be remembered so as not to repeat it or fall into it.




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