Figures celebrate Mother’s Day

From them, they inherited their talent, learned from their work and even gave them headaches. Figures such as Pamela Sued, Luis José Germán, Amaury Sánchez, Yubelkis Peralta, Hony Estrella, Francisca, Clarissa Molina and Sergio Carlo shared with their followers, on this Mother’s Day, some anecdotes and lessons from the human being who brought them into the world.

Pamela Sued

Pamela Sued surprised her followers by confessing that she was the rebellious teenager in her house and the punishments and words of her mother, Mrs. Cuchy Chávez de Sued, which she does not forget.

“My teenage years were a bit challenging for my parents (I was kind of a rebel without a cause),” Pamela began by posting on Instagram.

“I’m not lying when I tell you that from 15 to 17 I lived more punished than normal. One day my mother sat me down and said: ‘If you think I’m going to throw in the towel with you, you’re wrong… I don’t I’m going to get tired’ and I love to remember it and tell it,” he continued.

This Sunday, the communicator thanked her mother for those ear pulls that served as a correction and for being the successful and exemplary person she is today.

“Ma’, thank you! For never giving up. A lot of what I am today is thanks to you. Thank you for your accompaniment, your love, advice and care. I love you with all my heart,” he concluded.

Pamela Sued and Cuchy Chavez de Sued

Pamela Sued and Cuchy Chavez de Sued

Luis Jose German

The actor Luis José Germán, also known as El Gordo Germán, published a photograph of himself as a baby with his mother Josefina Gallart (Fifina), from whom he recognized the “incomparable upbringing” that he gave him.

“I thank God for my mother’s health and she for giving me life, my incomparable upbringing full of values. It has been a privilege to have had a ‘Home’ like ours, thank you mommy for it. I love you for everything and I congratulate you for the extraordinary work you did with us,” said Luis José.

Luis José German and Josefina Gallart

Luis José German and Josefina Gallart

amaury sanchez

The musician Amaury Sánchez demonstrated from whom he inherited his talent and love for art after broadcasting a video of Luisa Lembert, his mother, playing the piano masterfully.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Luisa Pela. Thanks for the sleeplessness, laughter and tears apart from limitless self-sacrifice! God gave me a chin of that Gift of music that you have. I love you, did you hear? Post. That video is from right now”, wrote Amaury in the publication that has been filled with comments in a few minutes.

Yubelkis Peralta

Yubelkis Peralta congratulated all the Dominican mothers, but in a special way Delis Florencio, the woman who gave her life and the value of the work she did from a young age in her father’s grocery store, for which the communicator and businesswoman became a entrepreneur and has three beauty salons.

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“The best teacher, who taught me true unconditional love, the one who has an answer to everything, and who is always there for me.”

Yubelkis Peralta and Delis Florencio

Yubelkis Peralta and Delis Florencio

honey star

As few times, Hony Estrella was shown this Sunday with his mother and brothers.

“Every day, you inspire us to be better people, to fight for our dreams and never give up. Your dedication and sacrifice are admirable, and you have taught us the value of effort and perseverance. Your words of encouragement and wisdom guide us at every step what we give

But the most beautiful thing of all is that, through your actions and behavior, you teach us how to be good people. Your generosity and compassion towards others are an example to follow. You have taught us to value others, to be empathetic and to help whenever we can,” Hony’s sister Lina wrote.

Hony Estrella with his mother and brothers

Hony Estrella with his mother and brothers


With a compilation of moments with Mrs. Divina Montero, Francisca celebrates Mother’s Day in her native Dominican Republic although she has lived in the United States for many years.

The presenter of “Despierta América” ​​used the song by the Cuban singer Lenier, “How I pay you”, to accompany the emotional video.

Among the experiences that Francisca has lived with her mother after suffering many deprivations in Azua, is the trip to Disney that both made.

“How do I pay you? Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms who follow me, today is celebrated in my land RD. I especially congratulate mine, Doña Divina. Thank you for everything you did for us, For fighting against everything, tooth and nail to get ahead. We went through a lot mommy, but you did excellent. I would always choose you as a mom. Because of you I am what I am!” Francisca said.

Francisca and Divina Montero

Francisca and Divina Montero

Clarissa Molina

Clarissa Molina recalled on this day when she hid in the pantry to scare her mother Clara Contreras while she was cooking, although she clarified that sometimes she also served as an assistant, passing her the seasonings.

The television host and beauty queen also posted a video dancing the merengue “Guallando” with Clara, who asked her daughter for that moment before leaving for the airport last night to arrive at the shooting of her next film in the country, “Losing the Trial”, produced by Caribbean Films.

“Mommy before going to the airport last night: ‘let’s dance a merenguito before you go to celebrate Mother’s Day’. Me: ‘of course, whatever you want, mommy’. Happy Mother’s Day, mommy. I love with my heart. PS: you know who I went out to at the dance, “Clarissa said on her Instagram.

Clara Contreras and Clarissa Molina

Clara Contreras and Clarissa Molina

Sergio Carlo

With Laura Pichardo de Carlo (affectionately Mama Lala) and her family, Sergio Carlo enjoys Mother’s Day at the beach.

“What a beautiful family you have not brought into the world. I love you,” Sergio wrote in a text accompanied by several photographs of him with Mama Lala, brothers and nephews.

Sergio Carlo and Mama Lala

Sergio Carlo and Mama Lala

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