"Fighting for the title in 2022 is a must for Ferrari"

Better than 2020 and, they hope, worse than 2022. Ferrari has resurfaced this season from one of the worst years in living memory of the Scuderia in Formula 1. The coronavirus pandemic and the lack of results left an almost disastrous year for the Italian team that, with the arrival of Carlos Sainz and the good atmosphere with Charles Leclerc, have welcomed better results.

So far this season (which restarts this weekend with the Belgian GP after the summer break), Ferrari has already achieved three podiums: two for the Spaniard and one for the Monegasque that, in addition, he could have fought for the victory in Monaco, but a problem with the gearbox left him out of the appointment before starting in which, in addition, he started from pole. A very big stick for Leclerc and the Scuderia, they saw a potential victory in one of the most special grands prix of the season (and being the home of the 23-year-old).

Therefore, 2022 has to be a new starting point for Ferrari. Not only because of the great change that the Big circus with the new rules and specifications, if not because the Italian brand is already working “intensely” to give its drivers a competitive car with which they can once again achieve glory. And the next course, with the expected level of equality, may be the ideal opportunity. “Fighting for the title next year is a must”, commented Mattia Binotto, head of the Ferrari team, in statements to Italian media.

“It’s no secret”

“Failure to do so would mean that we have done everything wrong”, adds the Italian, who says that the objective of taking the crown to Maranello is “no secret.” In fact, as he says, it is almost an obligation for him. And it is that, if with the change of regulation, Ferrari does not manage to get into the fight for the World Cup, It could even cost you your spot on the team. Currently, in the middle of this season, Ferrari is fighting with McLaren for a third place that, in a brand as winning as this, it almost tastes like failure.

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For this reason, the search for better results is very urgent, but the increase in good feelings and the arrival of the podiums suggests that one more step towards the title may be possible. And the numbers confirm it. “We are the team that has added the most points in relation to last year, the one that has improved the most in general. That shows that we are going in the right direction and that we work well together. “, adds Binotto, with great hopes and desire to return Ferrari to the position it deserves, with the strongest of Formula 1.

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