Fight between deputies in the Bolivian Parliament

Punches, kicks and slaps. This Tuesday the session of the Parliament of Bolivia devoted to the fate of the opponent Luis Fernando Camacho, imprisoned since December, turned into boxing. Parliament heard Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo, who came to present a report on the incarceration of Luis Fernando Camacho, accused of “terrorism” for an alleged “coup” in 2019 against the leftist president of the time, Evo Morales.

During his speech, Eduardo del Castillo described the elected members of Creemos, Camacho’s right-wing party, as “groups of radicals, thieves and violent people who came to steal the portfolio of the Bolivian people”. A group of female opposition MPs then held up placards with messages such as “there is no democracy when there are political prisoners”, and a photo of del Castillo crossed out with the phrase: “Minister of Terror”.

Images posted on social media

Several deputies from the left-wing majority then rushed on them to try to snatch their banners, according to images posted on social networks. The stampede lasted several minutes during which the twenty deputies copiously slapped and pulled each other by the hair and exchanged punches and screams. Calm returned after the session was suspended, and Parliament Speaker David Choquehuanca said he would summon both political camps to lecture them.

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