FIFA is one of the most recognized brands in the world. The governing body of international football also names a long series of video games developed by EA Sports.

While these installments have proven to be one of the best-selling video games on PC and consoles year after year, the American publisher announced a name change for the successor to FIFA 23.

EA Sports’ next football game, due for release in September 2022, will continue to be called FIFA 23, but subsequent iterations will have the new name “EA Sports FC” from 2023.

The publisher’s main reason for dropping the prestige brand appears to be the insanely high license fee of up to billions of dollars, that the football organization required the exclusive use of its name after the release of FIFA 23.

EA Sports will retain official licenses for football players, teams and leagues represented in these games. So FIFA 23 will offer an equally good gaming experience despite its new name.

FIFA itself has already announced that it intends to collaborate with other game publishers in the future. The end of exclusive rights to Electronic Art means that, in theory, we could see other different FIFA branded video games in the future.


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