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FIFA 22 takes drastic measures to end the ‘acidity’ of the conceded goal

For everyone who plays FIFA, especially online, conceding a goal is the moment you least want to live. But when that happens, the celebration can be a moment that only serves to further irritate your opponent.

Particularly in Ultimate Team, there are many players who like to use the celebration as a way to provoke the opponent. If you are one of those players who is uncomfortable with that, I have good news for you.

FIFA 22 will allow to turn off the opponent’s celebrations

One of the novelties of FIFA 22 will be the possibility to turn off the opponent’s celebrations. To this end, Electronic Arts decided to implement the ‘Celebration Camera Focus’ feature.

This means that you can toggle between watching your opponent’s goal celebration or just watching your team’s reaction to the goal. Once you change that option in Settings, the measure extends to all modes, not just Ultimate Team.

“Conceding a goal is always painful, especially in a very close match. While celebrations are an important part of soccer in the real world, we know that watching them can be a frustrating experience for some players, ”says Mike Barnucz, lead producer of FIFA Ultimate Team.

As a casual FIFA gamer, this is a move that I appreciate to anyone playing online modes like Ultimate Team. Seeing a CPU target holding in Career mode has little effect. But avoiding a celebration in Ultimate Team can be the salvation of many commandos, and thank you. FIFA 22 will launch worldwide on October 1.

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