FIFA 2022 report: English clubs spent triple the rest

Historical figures in the transfer market. In 2022 there has been a record of transfers. After two years of recession due to the pandemic, in 2022 the number of transfers has skyrocketed according to the FIFA Annual Report. In professional men’s soccer, the the 20,209 international transferswhich represents an increase of 11.6% more compared to 2021 and exceeding pre-pandemic 2019 levels. There is also a historical record in operations with professional soccer players (between men and women): 21,764.

A rise in the transfer market that is how Emilio García Silvero, director of the Legal Services and Compliance Division, analyzes: “The negative trend in spending on transfers of the last two years was reversed in 2022, with a total investment that reached 6.5 billion, which represents an increase of 33.5% compared to 2021, although it is still below the record set in 2019″. Therefore, footballers move (sign or loan) more than ever, but The figures for money that moved in the 2019 annual market have not been reachednor in 2018 (second in the ranking), but the contention of 2020 and 2021 has been left behind.


Top-10 transfers in 2022

The ten most expensive transfers alone generated 12.5% ​​of the total amount spent on transfers throughout 2022. Also, of the 2,843 operations that implied a cost, the 100 most expensive accounted for almost 50% of all the money spent on transfers. Logically, it has been the English clubs who have handled and moved the most money, which is why they once again headed the spending list.

Player Buyer team Price
Anthony Manchester Utd €95M
W. Fofana Chelsea €80.4M
Tchouameni Real Madrid €80M
Darwin Nunez Liverpool €80M
Luis Diaz Liverpool €75M
casemiro Manchester Utd €70M
Isaac newcastle €70M
DeLigt Bayern Munich €67M
cucurella Chelsea €65M
Haaland Manchester City €60M

In the ranking of selling nationalities it is headed by Brazil with almost 1,000 transferred players, among which is Antony (from Ajax to Manchester United) who was the footballer who registered the 2022 cap with 95 million euros, but he was not the only Brazilian who stood out. Casemiro, Richarison, Raphinha, Gabriel Jesus reached good numbers. Then more was paid for players from France, with Tchouameni as the main example. And later by the Portuguese, Argentines, Dutch and Spanish. 2022 set another new record as 183 different nationalities were involved in some type of transfer.

English clubs: triple spending than the rest

FIFA stresses that it is still the English clubs who traditionally spend the most and in 2022 that was the case. For the first time in history, its total disbursement exceeded 2,000 million euros in 2022. England’s dominant role is also reflected in the top ten transfer fee streams, the first six of which have England on the buying side. For their part, the French clubs led the list of federations with the highest level of income from transfers with a total of 740.3 million received.

Transfer flow.  Image from the FIFA 2022 Annual Report.


Transfer flow. Image from the FIFA 2022 Annual Report.

England spent 2,199.3 million, followed by Italy (673.3); Spain (592.5), France (545.3) and the Top-5 is closed by Germany with 537.6. A figure that of the English clubs that triples those of any other country.

11 of the 20 clubs that spent the most in 2022 are from the Premier, the curious thing that the leader Arsenal is not in the Top-20. Manchester United is the club that spends the most, ahead of Barcelona. Madrid was ranked 12th.


The war conflict of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has also marked the transfer market. Shakhtar Donestk led the team that made the most outgoing transfers throughout 2022. Followed by Dinamo Zagreb, Sporting de Portugal, PSG and Benfica.

Record in the female market

Year after year, the international transfer market in women’s professional soccer has been setting new records. 2022 was no exception, with a new high of 119 associations from around the world involved in 1,555 international transfers, more than ever before. and 19.3% more than the previous record set in 2021. The number of clubs completing these transfers was also higher than ever, with 500 clubs involved worldwide, a plus of more than 20% over 2021. .

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