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FICUNAM 2024 Winners Revealed

These are all the winners of FICUNAM 2024

Mexico is proud to have a rich cinema industry, and this can be seen in the spaces that showcase the films made by Mexican filmmakers. One such space is the UNAM International Film Festival (FICUNAM), which is one of the most important events for Mexican cinema.

After a long wait, FICUNAM 2024 has returned with a spectacular program, showcasing many interesting film proposals. In fact, the vast majority of these films deserve an award for the way they conveyed their stories to the audience.

FICUNAM 2024 has now concluded, but before saying goodbye, the festival organizers had to recognize the outstanding films in various categories. On June 20, the awards ceremony took place at the University Museum of Contemporary Art’s auditorium.

In the Mexican competition, the Silver Puma award for Best Film went to “The Earth, the Altars” by Sofía Peypoch. Additionally, “Yūrei (Ghosts)” by Sumie García Hirata won the Premio TV UNAM award, while “Xquipi” by Juan Pablo Villalobos received the UNAM Churubusco Stimulus Award and the LCI Insurance Award. Finally, “A Story of Love and War” by Santiago Mohar Volkow took home the Tinta Award for Best Original Screenplay.

In the international competition, the top prize went to “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed” by Hernán Rosselli. This film was awarded the maximum prize in the competition.

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