FIBA Certified Dominican Agent


Frank Brito was unable to make a career as a basketball player.

But his courage, his audacity and sagacity have allowed him to build the trust of Dominican and foreign basketball players when it comes to negotiating their contracts both inside and outside the country.

Brito, a native of La Vega, is currently the only Dominican who has a FIBA ​​license as an agent and has around 50 players spread all over the globe in his company BMS Sport Agency’s folder.

“It’s a profitable business that seems easy, but it’s not,” says Brito, who now lives in Miami, United States while completing an immigration process.

He explains that there is no work schedule since at any time he can be contacted to request the services of one of his clients.

“The business has changed. Now it is easier for a player to leave the country to play, they have become more aware of what they can do and achieve” adds the marketing graduate from Ucateci.

He believes that it is easier at this time to “sell” the Creole basketball player who has disciplined himself and sought more stability in a league that can last four or six months even if the pay is a little less.

In 2008, 15 years ago, Brito, a friend of Jordan Olivo -another Dominican who worked as an agent- warned that no one did that type of work in the country and managed the integration of David Anderson to the Dosa team in top basketball vegan, which earned him his first bonus as an agent.

Remember that others who supported and advised him in the beginning were Pedro Pablo Pérez and Julián Suero, also with experience as agents.

While writing on the websites of Olivo and Melvin López and talking with journalists like Iván Brea and players like Andy Williams and Iván Almonte, Brito got involved in the business part of basketball until he spent 15 years dedicated to these tasks.

He was barely 17 years old when he started in these struggles, despite the fact that the family viewed him with suspicion as he was “glued to a computer” all the time.

Among the players under his folder are Gelvis Solano, Juan Guerrero, Víctor Liz, Rigoberto Mendoza, Jonathan Araujo, Jassel Pérez, Jeroy Rodríguez, Yeison Colomé, Jeison Valdez, among others.

It has also had to do to a greater or lesser extent with the presence in the country of imported players such as Jordan Williams, Walter Sharpe, Robert Glenn and Ollie Bailey.

He has placed talents in the leagues of China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Italy, Israel, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, among other countries.

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Solano’s absence


He explained that Solano requested a permit from his team in the Venezuelan Super League to travel to the United States for the birth of his first daughter and that he had previously attended his parents’ wedding.

In such a way that when asking to be released to play with the Dominican Republic, the Caracas Crocodiles warned him that if he left he would lose the contract. That’s why he didn’t play in the August window.

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