Home Business Ferrovial promotes the use of advanced biofuels to generate clean electricity

Ferrovial promotes the use of advanced biofuels to generate clean electricity

Ferrovial impulsa el uso de biocombustibles avanzados para generar electricidad limpia

In a bold move towards environmental sustainability, Ferrovial has launched a groundbreaking project to test the efficiency of renewable fuels in power generation. This innovative initiative is being developed in the construction of access roads to the Los Berrocales neighborhood of Madrid. To demonstrate its commitment to reducing emissions and circular economy principles, the company has announced its intention to use advanced biofuels called HVO (Hydrotreated Plant Oil) derived from used cooking oils to replace traditional diesel.

The HVO supplied by Repsol will be used by Ferrovial to generate electricity via a generator for the first six months of this project. The peculiarity of this advanced biofuel lies in its adaptability for use in various units of mobile and stationary machines.

These biofuels, designed to replace fossil fuels, are made from renewable raw materials and have net-zero emissions. This ecological balance is created because the carbon dioxide released when it is used corresponds to the CO2 that was previously removed from the atmosphere due to the vegetable nature of its starting materials. By reusing organic waste, the HVO initiative avoids sending this waste to landfill. It serves as a powerful solution to reduce net emissions, especially in sectors, regions and situations where immediate or short-term electrification of processes is not possible.

A step in the company’s decarbonization plan

This innovative initiative is perfectly aligned with the commitments set out in Ferrovial’s climate strategy. The company has specifically expressed its determination to reduce CO2 emissions from its direct operations by 35.3% by 2030. Undoubtedly, in line with this ambition, Ferrovial has also confirmed its continuous collaboration between experts in innovation, sustainability, environment and machines. The common goal is to find novel solutions that propel the company towards its decarbonization goals and support its relentless commitment to a greener future.

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