From the Italian team they are clear about what they want to do with the man from Madrid

Ferrari continues to lose patience with Carlos Sainz. The Spanish driver is feeling a lot of pressure in his first year with the ‘Prancing Horse‘ and this would not be well seen by the leadership of those of Maranello. In this way, it has been confirmed that they want to create a movement soon.

Let us remember that even though charles leclerc is having an important season, the man from Madrid has not been able to adapt to the car. This is beginning to wreak havoc and although renovated the longer his contract, the radical idea is a change in his seats. Only one of their pilots is left over and they want a winner accompanying the Monegasque.

Ferrari Carlos Sainz
Sainz still not convincing Ferrari

Ferrari wants to say goodbye to Carlos Sainz since he has not been up to the task

In this way it has been confirmed that Ferrari wants to get rid of Carlos Sainz. The pressure that the Spaniard is under is such that a new error in the free practice sessions of the Miami Grand Prix has greatly annoyed those from Maranello. They believe that it is not up to the challenge and prefer to have another element there.

And it is that the Madrilenian has crashed just half an hour before the start of the free seconds of the competition. With this, there are already three failures that the pilot has accumulated and that have not allowed him to add more units and contribute to the Constructors’ Championship. The failure was absurd, since it accelerated before time and ended up crashing.

Those from Maranello are dissatisfied with Sainz’s performance

That is why the ‘Scuderia’ Ferrari has a good number of drivers in its sights, which could supply Carlos Sainz in the best way. The alternatives go through the well-known names of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and even Sebastian Vettel himself. Everyone with their experience could provide more guarantees to the team.

We will have to finally wait for what may happen later with the team. At the moment, the reaction of the rider from Madrid is not over and although they hope that the adaptation period will end soon and he will start to win, he has already lost a lot of ground with respect to his teammate.


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