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Ferrari, the most valuable team according to Forbes

Ferrari, the most valuable team according to Forbes

Forbes has produced different lists on Formula 1 in the past, and now he has decided to make one that deals with the brand values ​​of the teams. The magazine had not published anything since 2019 on the value of each team, but this time it has done so for the first time since the implementation of the budget cap.

Ferrari is one of the teams with the longest tradition in the ‘Gran Circo’ and leads this ranking worth 3,504 million euros. Slightly, in second position is Mercedes worth 3,414 million. And to finish the podium, with the bronze medal and somewhat further away from the second position is the Austrian team (Red Bull) valued at 2,336 million euros.

Alpine, owned and formerly known as Renault, made headlines for the sale of a significant minority stake to RedBird Capital Partners and Otro Capital. The French team has almost tripled its value compared to when it competed with the previous acronyms, and is listed in the top-5 ahead of Aston Martin with a value of 1,258 millions of euros.

In addition, the british team, has climbed from ninth to sixth place thanks to the impact of investments in the Lawrence Stroll era and successful deals with sponsors like Aramco. Fernando Alonso’s team, which is giving such good results this season, is in sixth position with a value of 1,235 million.

In the last position of the classification is Williams, one of F1’s most storied teams, having joined the series in 1977 and won nine constructors’ championships, the second most after Ferrari. However, the last of those titles came in 1997, and since then the team has gone through years of worse financial condition. Its valuation is 561 million euros.

Forbes List

Equipment M€ Equipment M€
1. Ferrari 3,504 6. Aston Martin 1,235
2. Mercedes 3,414 7. Alpha Tauri 1,010
3. Red Bull 2,336 8. alfa romeo 808
4. McLaren 1,977 9. Haas 700
5. Alpine 1,258 10. williams 561

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