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Ferrari makes an inexplicable decision with Carlos Sainz: a fortune on the table

The Italian team is puzzled by not renewing with the Spanish driver, while offering a generous contract to Leclerc

In a stunning decision that has left many Formula 1 fans baffled, Ferrari has chosen not to offer a contract renewal to its Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz, yet. Meanwhile, the team is in negotiations with his teammate Charles Leclerc, to ensure his continuity with a long-term contract and unprecedented remuneration. This disparity in treatment has led to speculation about Sainz’s future at the Italian team.

The Spanish driver whose current contract with Ferrari expires in 2024 has received no word on a possible extension. of your contract. This has raised concerns about his position in the team and whether the directors of the Italian team see his future linked to Ferrari. Although the driver from Madrid has shown a good performance and has surpassed his teammate in the standings during the current season. He doesn’t seem to be getting the same preferential treatment as Charles Leclerc.

carlos sainz ferrari
Charles Leclerc receives generous contract offer while Sainz is left in limbo

Carlos Sainz on the tightrope with Ferrari

Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc, who has not had an outstanding year in terms of results. ANDHe is in talks for a long-term contract. which would make him one of the highest paid drivers on the Formula 1 grid. This gesture by Ferrari towards Leclerc has been interpreted as a sign of the relevance they give to the Monegasque driver and, in contrast, the lack of appreciation towards Carlos Sainz.

Fans and experts alike are understandably questioning the logic behind this decision.. Sainz has been consistent throughout the season, although he has yet to be on the podium. His performance on track has been solid enough to be ahead of his teammate Leclerc in the overall standings. Therefore, the lack of a renewal offer at this time has puzzled many.

Favoritism towards Leclerc

Furthermore, the lack of news about the renewal of his contract could be a sign that the Italian team does not have the Spanish driver in its long-term plans. This leaves the Spanish driver in an awkward position. And it could force him to look for opportunities in other teams to ensure his future in Formula 1. While it is understandable that the Italian team seeks to keep one of its youngest and most talented drivers, such as Leclerc, it is important to recognize the effort and dedication of the Spanish driver.

Definitely, Ferrari’s decision not to renew Carlos Sainz’s contract while offering a lucrative deal to Charles Leclerc It has generated an atmosphere of uncertainty in the Formula 1 paddock. Although the Maranello brand has the right to make decisions for the benefit of its team. It is important to recognize the contribution and talent of each of your pilots. The future of the Spanish driver is now up in the air, and it will be interesting to see how events unfold in the coming weeks.

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