Ferrari forces Carlos Sainz to look for a team for next season

The Aston Martin driver receives an offer to continue in Formula 1

Fernando Alonso is once again delighting Formula 1 fans in the World Cup. Finally, the decisions taken by the Asturian pilot seem to lead him on the right path. In this way, it has been known that Ferrari is interested in the Oviedo and Carlos Sainz worries.

The green brand respects the two-time world champion, and has built him a powerful and reliable car. Fernando only has to do what he knows, which is to drive. With all those characteristics demonstrated by the Spanish, Ferrari shows its interest in him, regardless of the future of the driver, Carlos Sainz.

Ferrari Carlos Sainz
Ferrari continues to give relevance to Leclerc and they want the departure of Sainz to replace him with Alonso

At 41 years old, the Spanish pilot will seek and without giving up, his 33rd victory

Neither in the best dreams, the Nano, nor the British team, would have dreamed of the spectacular start to the season of the Asturian, who already has 4 podiums in 5 races. Being better than Carlos Sainz and following in the wake of a Max Verstappen who is the greatest rival to beat.

So much so that, given the efforts of Stroll’s team, the Asturian is thinking of renewing beyond 2024, aware that, over time, he can achieve that third World Cup. “Things seem to be going better than we expected and maybe that means being tempted to extend the contract in the future“.

Carlos Sainz trembles for his future at Ferrari as does Max Verstappen

If Alonso continues to feel in full power, it seems clear that he will continue to fight on the grid and Ferrari likes this. No matter how old he is, for him, that is not an impediment. And we are all looking forward to seeing him continue for many years in Formula 1.

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Specifically, Max Verstappen begins to tremble, because he knows that if Aston Martin continues to evolve, it will have a tough rival to fight for the title. The one who will not be too amused either is Carlos Sainz, who has lived in the shadow of his compatriot and who could also take his position from him.

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