Ferrari does its part to make Carlos Sainz fly at Silverstone

Next week will be the key to Ferrari, since it is already preparing to be in silverstone. In addition, what has been generating most headaches is, without a doubt, the energy transmitted by the chassis of the SF21 to the tires that along with the high speed corners of the circuit Northampton can be something you play against.

And this is an airplane that has already been overhauled, being one of the weaknesses of the car from Maranello, perhaps the biggest along with the lack of speed on the straights. At the factory, they conscientiously study it as a result of the drop in performance that so often Leclerc Which Carlos Sainz they experimented on Paul Ricard.

However, during the two races in Austria, the two drivers had a very strong pace. On the one hand, Sainz was sixth and fifth; and Leclerc, seventh and eighth. But it has nothing to do, transmits the team, with the investigations he launched after the French GP and the meetings in which Sainz intervened.

“We had a good race pace but it was more due to the characteristics of the track than our approach. It wasn’t our best circuit either, because the straights lack speed,” said Mattia Binotto. Ferrari has introduced evolutions since bringing the car to the track at the Bahrain test.

“The car is identical to the one in Bahrain, there were hardly any small changes, we are focused on exploiting its full potential in the Grand Prix. In doing a good job with the engineers and drivers, in addition to tire management and strategy”, says the Swiss engineer about this.

That’s why Ferrari director Mattia Binotto applauds the latest performances: “It was two good weekends in terms of strategy, with the right choices. From now on, there is room for improvement and that’s what we focus on. We see progress”. However, it is precisely in Great Britain that they can show a remarkable evolution.

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