Home Sports Ferrari decides between Leclerc and Carlos Sainz: 160 million on the table

Ferrari decides between Leclerc and Carlos Sainz: 160 million on the table

Ferrari between Leclerc and Sainz: an offer of 160 million euros reflects the confidence in the Monegasque driver

The Maranello team has been in the spotlight over the past few days, particularly with regard to its drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.. Despite a less impressive first half of the season than expected, Ferrari have shown their confidence in Leclerc by offering him a €160m contract extension deal until 2028.

The 25-year-old driver has attracted interest from teams such as Mercedes, Alpine, Red Bull and Aston Martin. However, Ferrari seems to have managed to keep their young star with this historic offer. The renewal is a bold step that strengthens the relationship between the team and the driver.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz together in a Ferrari Leclerc-related image
Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz come together in an image that reflects their bond as a team.

The departure of Carlos Sainz: an imminent change in the Ferrari team

On the other hand, Carlos Sainz was also in the news. Despite the hope placed in both drivers, Sainz’s future appears to lie elsewhere. According to Eng sources, Sainz has entered into a verbal agreement with Sauber from 2025, a team that will cede to Audi in 2026.

This news caused mixed feelings in the Ferrari pits. Losing a talented rider like Sainz is certainly a blow, but it also represents a new opportunity for the team to refresh their line-up and look for new strategies.

Ferrari Leclerc and Sainz: a duality of choices

The situation with Ferrari Leclerc and Sainz reflects the complexity of the world of Formula 1. While Leclerc appears to be on track to continue his relationship with the Italian team, Sainz is preparing for a new chapter in his professional career.

These changes within the team are a reminder that in motorsport Decisions are made quickly and the future is always in motion. Fans and pundits alike will be watching closely how these decisions impact the team’s performance in the coming seasons.

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