Ferrari breaks relations with Carlos Sainz: the 2 pilots who fight for their seat

The Italian team is looking for a driver who can offer good performance and fit into their scheme.

In surprising news within the world of Formula 1, Ferrari is determined to break relations with the Spanish driver Carlos Sainz. Although the relationship between the man from Madrid and the Italian team was expected to be solid, it seems that the constant criticism and lack of results have led to this drastic decision.

Carlos Sainz has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Ferrari, stating that the team is not doing everything possible for him. And you don’t feel valued. In addition, he has questioned the decisions made by the Prancing Horse team, which has generated internal tensions and discomfort.

Ferrari Carlos Sainz
More and more voices point to a possible exit at the end of this season

Carlos Sainz publicly criticizes Ferrari and does not improve its performance

Despite joining Ferrari with high expectations, Sainz has failed to improve his performance on track. His car is not showing significant improvements and this has contributed to growing dissatisfaction within the team. Ferrari expects results and the Spanish driver has not been able to offer them so far. The situation has reached a critical point, and if there is not a substantial improvement in driver performance, the team is ready to take drastic measures.

In addition, the Italian team is tired of the challenging attitude of the Spanish driver and demands good results from him to justify his stay in the team. Given the possible departure of Sainz, rumors about possible replacements begin to circulate. One of the names that sounds strong is that of Daniel Ricciardo, currently the third Red Bull driver and without clear opportunities in his team. Ricciardo is an experienced and talented driver who could fit into Ferrari’s scheme.

Possible replacements: Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris

Another candidate to fill Sainz’s seat is Lando Norris. The young McLaren driver has shown great potential, recently taking second place at Silverstone. At 23, Norris could be looking for a new challenge after outgrowing the McLaren. Although Carlos Sainz has a contract with Ferrari until 2024, more and more voices point to a possible departure at the end of this season if there is no considerable improvement in his performance.

He The future of the Spanish pilot in the Italian team hangs by a threador, and everything will depend on his ability to respond to the demands of the team. Even the Italian team is looking for a driver who can offer good performance and fit into their scheme. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris are the main candidates to replace the pilot in the Cavallino team Rampant.

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