Ferran and Memphis ‘self-immolate’

ferran torres Y Memphis DePay they gave a Step back with his performance in the King’s Cup. So much so that, as far as he could know ASthey are practically discarded to play as starters the game on Sunday against Atlético de Madrid. Not even the absence from Robert Lewandowskiwho will meet the first of the three matches of sanction In LaLiga, it will be enough of an argument for them to enter the lineup. For now there are two safe attackers in the eleven that will jump to the Wanda Metropolitano: Ousmane dembele Y Ansu Fati.

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Right now it’s about see who will accompany to these two soccer players to complete the offensive trident. Technicians shuffle two options: on the one hand, raphinhawho was a substitute in the Cup and contributed many solutions in the game when he took the field, with goal and assist includedand on the other, the option that Gavi it falls off like leftmost. What seems clear is that Ansu Fati, who had very good minutes against Intercity, will be the center forward.

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The gavi alternative it is valuing very seriously within the staff, since it would mean the inclusion of one more midfielder within the team and greater control of the match. And it is that today they are unquestionable headlines Pedro Y Frenkie de Jongwith Sergio Busquets also within the quota, although it is true that juice the 120 minutes of cup match and that could end up taking its toll on the player’s physical condition ahead of Sunday’s game.

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In any case, there is a concern latent within technicians for the lack of success in front of the goal: before him Spanish They were generated 21 times with a balance of only goalWhile that before him Intercity were 29, with four goals in the bag This lack of efficiency is multiplied by the statistics that both Memphis and Ferran throw, absolutely deficit to deal with forwards: ferran addition two goals in LaLiga for only one memphis in a total of fifteen days.

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This lack of success and the poor performance of both they are forcing a dangerous ‘Lewydependency’, that the technicians have to try to reverseespecially with a view to the next three days of LaLiga, where they will not be able to count on the Polish striker. Memphis Y ferran they were called to be one of the alternatives in the attacking game, but the ineffectiveness of the two leaves them out of all the pools, at least for the game on Sunday.

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