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Fernando Ruiz Díaz suffers a stroke; Catupecu Machu cancels tour in Europe

What you need to know:

Fernando Ruiz Díaz, leader and singer of Catupecu Machu, suffered a stroke, causing the band to cancel their European tour.

In the early hours of this Tuesday, February 20th, the Argentine rock group Catupecu Machu announced the cancellation of their next European tour after the musician and leader of the band, Fernando Ruiz Diazsuffered a stroke.

This was done through a statement they posted on their Instagram account Catupecu Machu announced this That’s why his tour takes you through cities like Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​Mallorca, Dublin and Berlinwhich would begin next Thursday, February 22nd, will not take place.

Fernando Ruiz Diaz from Catupecu Machu. Photo: Getty Images

Fernando Ruíz Díaz from Catupecu Machu suffered a stroke

“Last February 15th Fernando Ruiz Diaz had to be hospitalized because of dizziness and high blood pressure. During routine examinations, it was discovered that the singer suffered a stroke as a result of stress.”indicated the group originally from Villa Luro.

“Despite the scare, Fer is doing well and has no serious damage or obvious after-effects. He is currently doing well and is taking the rest recommended by the doctors. and if this continues, he will be released in the next few days.”explained the band.

Catupecu Machu wanted to start a tour of several cities in Europe. Photo: Catupecu Machu (Instagram)

The Argentine band canceled their European tour that began on February 22nd

The producer of the Catupecu Machu shows stated this Tickets purchased for other dates will be fully refundedthrough the same means by which fans purchased them and ask that they follow the team’s instructions regarding the refund of the money.

After the performances at the end of 2022 and 2023, after returning to the stage (with a new line-up and as a tribute to Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, co-founder of the band who died in 2021), Catupecu Machu wanted to visit several cities in Europe.

The statement of the Argentine group. Photo: Instagram

Catupecu Machu has other scheduled dates for which there are no details yet

Actually the band I already had a few shows planned at festivals like Lollapalooza Chilewhich will take place from March 15th to 17th and at the festival Asunciónico of Paraguay, from the 19th to the 21st of the same month. The status of both shows

At the end of last year and when they announced the tour for 2024, Fernando Ruíz Díaz mentioned this The band’s last scheduled show would be at the Baradero Rock Festival in Argentina, and after that they would devote themselves to creating new music.

Fernando Ruíz Díaz announced a few months ago that he would be working on new music with Catupecu Machu. Photo: Instagram

And the band may be putting a stop to their plan to make new music for now

“To continue with the new album that will be released next year… The world is in turmoil, but with our souls we have the ability to fight the battlesto tread the mysterious paths and find ourselves,” said the 55-year-old musician.

Photo: @thevrodas (Instagram)

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