Fernando Durán requests funds from the Rental Law to continue in the Bagrícola

The administrator of Banco Agrícola (Bagrícola), Fernando Durán, asked the special commission of the Chamber of Deputies that is studying the bill on tenancy to keep that institution as a recipient of the funds deposited by tenants of homes and commercial premises , which today total RD$1,014 million.

Durán made the request during a meeting with the members of that commission and assured that these funds constitute a great support for financing small and medium agricultural producers and affirmed that more than 2,000 peasants have received loans from these resources, in the last 3 years.

Durán met with the members of the commission that is studying the General Rental and Evictions Bill, agreeing to an invitation made by its president, Eugenio Cedeño, in which he was accompanied by At the meeting, this entity The credit union was also represented by the legal director, Marlyn Rosario, and the risk director, Salomón Rodríguez.

“We ask this honorable special commission that Bagrícola continue to be the only recipient of these funds,” he said.

He said that the national agricultural sector is undergoing a frank process of modernization and modernization that requires financial resources to bring it to a successful conclusion, to contribute to the economic growth of the country, the well-being of peasants and to guarantee food security.

He expressed that, instead of decreasing the funds allocated to the agricultural sector, they should increase significantly.

The Bagrícola administrator recalled that Law 4314, of October 22, 1955, modified by Law 17-88, February 1988, and Decree 4807, of May 16, 1959, are legal figures that authorize Bagrícola to capture those resources.

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“The great social use of these funds, aimed at the vulnerable sector of society, justifies that these funds remain in the hands of Bagrícola,” insisted Durán.

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