Fernando Benzo (Madrid, 1965) is the new General Director of Sports of the Community of Madrid. Graduated in Law, attends AS to assess his appointment and future in the position he has been holding for a few weeks.

Question: What do you expect from this new episode in your life?

Answer: I hope to provide a good service to the citizens. In this case, I hope to live up to such an important responsibility as sport in our Community being part of the lives of all Madrilenians: those who practice it as a hobby, those who are already at a competitive level and also all those who enjoy as spectators of sporting events. Continue strengthening a solid sports fabric in terms of support for our federations, clubs and athletes, in terms of the quality of the facilities and the presence of major sporting events in the Community.

What are your goals for the position?

The promotion of sport as an essential activity in our lives. The values ​​that sports practice represents make us better as a society and as people. Health, solidarity, companionship, the desire to excel, the ability to sacrifice and enjoyment must be part of everyone’s life. We have to set the conditions so that everyone, without exclusions or distinctions, has access to sport and the specific sporting discipline they want.

What projects are you particularly excited about?

I am interested in sports for people with disabilities, whether physical or intellectual. I believe that encouraging and facilitating the practice of sport in these people is a very special obligation and an exciting challenge.

Do you follow the sport?

Yes, since before assuming this position. I am more a follower than a practitioner because I have always been an athlete of questionable quality. Now I walk a lot. Of course, now I follow much more, and I am discovering disciplines and athletes that I did not know and that are very worth following.

Do you think your past experience can help you?

I have already been able to verify the complexity involved in sports management in the Community. Behind what you see, there is a huge job carried out by an excellent team. I hope to contribute my own experience in public management. I was Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, so during a stage of my life I was especially involved in the management of sports affairs.


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